Gonzaga Mothers Club Bake Sales: Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the GMC Bake Sale Chairs?
Mary Knapp is the 2017-2018 Bake Sale Chair. Email bakesales@gonzagamothers.org.

How do I schedule a bake sale?
We use Sign Up Genius for clubs to schedule bake sales throughout the year.  Please click on the following link for Sign Up Genius:   
Bake sales

Read the instructions carefully.  Bake sales are held once a week and generally scheduled on Wednesdays. This year’s approved dates are listed on this website.  Pick the one that best suits your team’s/club’s schedule (teams must follow the “in season” months when picking a date).  The dates are picked on a first come, first served basis.  Holding bake sales are very popular and dates fill up quickly.  Pick your date thoughtfully because once you click, the date is yours and changes can only be made by contacting the Bake sale chair. Please contact me any time of the year to let me know that you are the team or club rep for 2016-2017, and with any questions or problems. Click on this link for Bake Sale Guidelines.

Are the bake sales limited to Gonzaga sports teams?
No, ALL Gonzaga clubs and teams are encouraged to utilize this bake sale option in order to raise money for their group, however all requests must be approved by Mr. Kilroy.
What are the times of the bake sales?
To make the best use of the day, your bake sale should be up and running as close to 7am as possible and you may sell up until the end of 6th period lunch. At that point the cafeteria closes. There are three lunch periods during the day (4, 5, and 6) during which you will get the most business. The times of the lunch periods change slightly depending on which cycle "day" it is. Check the Gonzaga calendar, or in the morning ask 
Greg Andrade of Sage for the lunch schedule for that day.  You can email Greg at g.andrade@sagedining.com.

When should I schedule a bake sale?
For sports teams, your bake sale must be scheduled during your official “season.” Please sign up your team during one of your “in season” months: Fall Sports: Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Water Polo during September, October, & early November Only; Winter Sports: Basketball, Hockey, Swimming & Diving, Wrestling, Squash, & Indoor Track during  December, January, and February Only; Spring Sports: Baseball, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Crew, Track during  March, April, and May Only. The Drama group always holds theirs on the Friday before the Fall and Spring play openings. Clubs may schedule their dates at any available times throughout the school year.

May I schedule more than one bake sale?                                                                                              
Unfortunately, no. Because bake sales are such popular fundraising events, we are only able to book one bake sale per group. The GMC wants all sports teams and clubs to have a chance to hold at least one bake sale. You might want to think about holding a different kind of fundraiser such as a car wash, or sales of mulch, plants, etc. similar to other area high schools.

Once I have our date booked, what are our team’s/club’s responsibilities?
Your team/club is responsible for advertising, soliciting baked goods from your members, supplies/petty cash, setting up, selling, and cleaning up. Please follow the Bake Sale Guidelines listed on the GMC website. The school administration will be expecting your group and two tables will be set up for your use in the cafeteria.
May we hold a raffle in conjunction with the bake sale?
No, please limit your solicitations to baked goods only. In past years, requests to hold raffles during bake sales were not approved by the school administration.
May we sell sodas and sandwiches?
No, please limit menu to baked goods and candy. Gummy Bears and Starburst are also prohibited. Popular items are listed in Bake Sale Guidelines.

Do I have to bake?

No.  You do not have to bake.  You can purchase your baked goods at stores such as the grocery store, Costco, Food Lion, Sams club, bakeries, etc.