Gönül Doğan

Photo from Camili biosphere reserve, Macahel, Artvin, Turkey

I currently hold an Interim Professorship in Digital Transformation and Innovation at the University of Cologne. 

My research is mostly focused on group behavior in a variety of contexts. I am interested in the effect of group identity and decision-making in groups. 

I am always happy to discuss new research ideas. Please contact me at:  gonul2517(at)gmaildotcom      


Working Papers

Work in progress

Does social exclusion affect task performance, if so, is it through the information it conveys or psychological costs?

Does group image concerns exist and how do they compare to individuals' social image concerns?

We propose a novel measurement of preferences for authoritarian voting rules and test it in a representative German population

In five waves, we measure individuals' issue positions on political and non-political issues, how much they exhibit ingroup bias based on issue positions, and whether national elections impact them.

Is covid19 news coverage more positive than reality?