Gönül Doğan

I am a Junior Professor in the area of Corporate Development at the University of Cologne since May 2015. My current research is mostly focused on anti-social and unethical behaviour. I am interested in mob formation, dilution of morality via groups and group decision-making, reciprocity concerns, and social distance.

Contact info:

Universitatstrasse 22a
Chair of Corporate Development
Universitat zu Köln 

Working Papers:
“Collusion in a Buyer-Seller Network Formation Game” (Revised, JEBO)
“How To Choose Your Victim” with Klaus Abbink (Revised, Games and Economic Behavior, this version: May 2016)
“Deception and Reciprocity” with Despoina Alempaki and Silvia Saccardo (Revised, Experimental Economics, this version: September 2016)
“When in Rome: Lying in a Foreign Language” with Despina Alempaki and Yang Yang (revision under preparation, this version: September 2017)
“Lying to be Fair” with Rianne Roggema ( this version: September 2015)

"Spoils division rules shape aggression between natural groups" with Luke Glowacki and Hannes Rusch (in press, Nature Human Behavior) Full-text here.
The effect of link costs on simple buyer-seller networkswith M. van Assen and J. Potters. 2013. Games and Economic Behaviour, 77(1): 229-246.
Testing Models of Pure Exchange with M. van Assen. 2009. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 33: 97-128.
“The Stability of Exchange Networks” with M. van Assen, A. van de Rijt, and V. Buskens. 2009. Social Networks, 31: 118-125.

Work In Progress:
“Leaders, Followers, and Group Decision-Making" Abstract
"A Model of Lying and Reciprocity" with Silvia Dominguez Martinez Abstract
"What Makes Pyramid Schemes Work?" with Kenan Kalaycı and Priscilla Man
"Group Identity Affects Anti-Social Decisions More Than Group Relations." with Luke Glowacki and Hannes Rusch
"(Anti-)Social Learning in Groups" with Caroline Stein
"I Was Excluded, Therefore I Must Be a Bad Performer" with Nanxu Su

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