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jesse cole's

dragon style

gong fu and qi gong

Class Schedule, Pricing and General Information

*Sunday           12:00pm to 3:00pm    Glenwood Heights Grade School

Monday            6:30pm to 8:30 pm    Mt Tabor Park

Tuesday           6:30pm to 8:30pm     Glenwood Heights Grade School

Wednesday     6:30pm to 8:30pm      Mt Tabor Park

Thursday          6:30pm to 8:30pm     Glenwood Heights Grade School

*unofficial class you are advised to call first to make sure I will be there.


$15 per drop in class

$50 for five drop in classes (to be used by the end of the month)

$50 per private class (1 ½ to 2 hours)

$80 per month (Student)(up to 20 people)

$100 per month (Student + 1 private class)(up to 5 people)

$100 two day workshop (five hours per day)

(all tuition must be paid by the fifth of every month)


Glenwood Heights Grade School 9716 NE 134th St Battle ground, WA 98604

Mt Tabor Park SE 60th & SE Salmon St Portland, OR


Class format: All classes are outside and divided into 3 levels. The beginner's level is the first hour. The second hour is for intermediate level practitioners. Sometimes we will have a third hour which will be for advanced level students. Everybody must attend class from the beginner's level up.



Gong fu: This is a Chinese word which means highly developed skill learned over time. It will take three components to acquire gong fu (Correct method + Time + environment).  Correct method comes by learning from a qualified teacher. Time is the effort you spend training the method. You need a good environment to be able to learn, practice and develop in.


Qi Gong: Is a way to exercise the body for health and develop internal power for self-defense. You need three components to acquire Qi gong (Correct posture + Correct breathing + Correct concentration)


Baguazhang (Pa-kua chang) was refined into a system of martial arts in the mid to late 1800's by a gentleman named Dong Haichuan. Dong Haichuan was not only a highly accomplished martial artist but his skill and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine was great. Living in the Imperial Courts of Beijing Dong Haichuan had access to the best Doctors and Martial art masters of Imperial China. It was in this environment that Baguazhang was developed. 


Health: In this method learn how to balance your energy both physical and mental. You will accomplish this by using the essence + energy + spirit equation. ESSENCE human energy comes from outside the body (example: If you start running low on physical energy your body reminds you by getting hungry. If you don't eat, you not only start loseing physical energy, but your mind becomes irritated as well). Food essence comes in the mouth, then into the digestive system, were it can be processed into energy. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Water essence has the minerals your body needs. You also need to stay hydrated to be able to preform all the complex procedures inside your body. Air essence the most important essence your body brings in. A few minutes without air and the body will shut down for good. There is scientific evidence that the oxygen in the air has been cut in half over the past 200 years. Not only that but the amount of pollution ect. has increased by the 10's of 1000's. This is why you need special breathing exercises to be able to get more nutrition from the air. I have heard some daoist's talk about over 70% of your minds nutrition comes from breathing. ENERGY comes from processing quality essence. SPIRIT  is a state of mind that comes from the energy that was created by the essence. Therefore to have a calm, focused state of mind you need to pay attention to what goes in your body.


We will also focus on the development of the joints + organs + energy systems. Joints control muscles. If you want to use a muscle your joints have to move first. When we develop the joints we are specificly talking about the ligiments + tendons + nerves. Organs are exercised, massaged and wrung out through the twisting, turning and bending of the bodys joints. Energy system  We are talking about how tired your brain and body is and knowing were and why your tired.  This will enable you to supply the body with the right essence which will change in to energy and then be converted into spirit.




 Drop in class: Anybody can drop in and take a class. This is a great way to loosen, strengthen and relax the body, breath and mind.


Private class: These classes are for refining and clarifiying your knowledge. It is very hard to learn Baguazhang solely using private instruction.


Student: 25 people is my student cap with five of these people receiving private instruction once a month. Teaching the information and making sure the students body and mind are getting healthy is my primary concern.


Workshop: These are two day intensive training sessions that inable anybody to learn Dragon style Baguazhang. If your schedule doesn't let you train weekly or the classes are filled up then try learning the system using workshops.





 I will be holding a workshop May 5th and 6th. I will lecture on the principles of Daoism and how it relates to the health of the human body. We will also learn how to move the body based on these principles. This workshop will focus on the circle walking method. The workshop will be limited to 15 people to insure quality instruction. Reserve your spot now. 50% deposit required.



Jesse Cole teaches a Daoist method for learning about the human body, controlling the mind/stress and detoxifying the organs and joints from the modern lifestyles of work, play and relaxation.  He also teaches a self-defense method that is based in movement and change.


 Dragon style Gong fu and Qi gong is great for all ages and fitness levels.