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Development Services

GoNet provides it's experience and reputation as a reliable project developer, offering our professional services in project development and technical solutions.

GoNet services are offered as:

  • Joint project, working together with our customers through the entire project life cycle: design, development and testing
  • Providing our separate design, development and testing teams
  • Providing turn-key projects according to customes needs
  • Any other required services related to hardware and software development at any aspect of system design, developement and testing
GoNet offers it's development services for the entire project life cycle:
  • Analyzing the technical and business project aspects
  • System engineering and providing recommendation for a set of implementation alternatives with clear rating of each alternative
  • Implementation of the chosen project alternative or provide escorting and assistence to the project implementation team.
GoNet specializes in advanced topics of data communication and have a proven track record of offering innovative and creative solutions. We have deep knowledge in the mobile arena and specialize in mobile computing, IPv6, Mobile IP, Vertical handover, FMC (Fix Mobile Conversion).
Among the projects we have developed we can point out:
  • A Mobile Mesh network based on WiMax/OFDMA technologies. A project involvong advanced networking issues as dynamic Ad-hoc mesh network configuration and self healing, routing in Ad-hoc networks, dynamic network optimization and providing advanced services like multicast, broadcast and anycast in the dynamic mobile topology. 
  • Advanced commercial Location Based Services (LBS) project.
  • Development of several successful multi protocol routers and CDN projects.
  • Mobile Video distribution
  • CDN - content delivery network projects
  • Traffic handling spoofing and control, maximizing bandwidth usage
  • Database security projects
  • Management of video traffic distribution from remote stations
  • Innovative solurtion for Mobile video over WiMax with a special "Traffic manipulation Linux BOX" in order to overcame RTP protocol implementation at the MPEG decoder. Solving Ethernet connectivity issues due to the project topology by special configuration of regular Ethernet switch we converted to act as multiplexer and demultiplexer.


GoNet provides a proven track record of success in high-end projects, leading through the entire development lifecycle, including design, development, implementation and marketing with strong ability to cope with new challenges and situations.