The Gonda Brain Research Colloquium

Where: The seminar takes place at the Gonda Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University (see map & directions). 
When: Monday 2PM-3PM weekly during the semester.
For further inquiries, please contact 03-531-7755.


 Semester B


March 5

Prof. Haim Cohen, Faculty of Life Sciences, BIU. TBA

March 12

Prof. Bilha Fischer, Dept. of Chemistry, BIU A Multifunctional Biocompatible Drug Candidate Effectively Delays the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease in 5XFAD Mice

March 19

Dr. Ramon Birnbaum, Dept. of Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion The role of gene regulatory elements in human inhibitory interneurons.

March 26

Pesach vacation- no seminar

April 2

Pesach  --no seminar

April 9

Prof. Daniel Javitt, Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia University: If we know what causes schizophrenia, why can't we fix it?  Mechanisms and targets within the glutamate system

April 16

Prof. Shimon Marom, Science and Engineering of Neural Systems, Faculty of Medicine, Technion: Cellular function given parametric variation: the case of membrane excitability

April 23

Prof. Gershon Ben-Shachar, Dept. of Psychology, HUJI Detecting concealed memory of personally familiar faces via eye movements

April 30

Dr. Ainat Pansky, Institute of Information Processing and Decision Making, Dept. of Psychology, Haifa University TBA

May 7

Prof. Elisha Moses, Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Inst. TBA

May  14

Dr. Roni Tibon, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge  Episodic memories beyond the hippocampus: The role of the posterior parietal lobe

May 21

Isru Chag Shavuot no seminar

May 28

Dr. Edward Stern, Brain Research Center, BIU

A phenotype –driven approach to neurodegenerative disease therapeutics.

June 4

Prof. Roy Mukamel, Dept. of Psychological Sciences, TAU: Neural circuits mediating transfer of motor knowledge

June 11

Dr. Aya Meltzer-Asscher, Dept. of Linguistics, TAU TBA

June 18

Prof. Ami Citri, Dept. of Biochemistry, Life Sciences Institute, and ELSC, HUJI Pay attention and learn from experience!: The transcriptional representation of experience and the role of the claustrum in attention