Gomlongon Village

By Jonathan Whitcomb
My interpreter and I, late in 2004, spent two weeks on Umboi Island, most of the time near the Baptist Church, by Gomlongon.
On Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, a few kilometers southwest of Mount Bel and about two miles from the southern coast, live about two hundred villagers of Gomlongon. The local government "counselor" (official) responsible for this part of Umboi (the island called by the people of Papua New Guinea "Siasi") is Mark Kau. Leaders of villages like Gomlongon seem to be of three types: government, village, and tribe (although this may sometimes be more theoretical as there may be overlapping roles). Other leaders or prominent persons of Gomlongon include John Kau, Rodney Newman, and William Narol. The village has three religious faiths: Lutheran, Baptist, and Catholic; two chapels are in the village itself, but the Baptist Church is a short walk to the west.
I found the villagers of Gomlongon friendly. There was evidence, however, of internal political or tribal competition. On one occasion, somebody became very angry about a missing pig, apparently stolen; the man yelled and shot off his gun (probably into the air). In my book Searching for Ropens, I go into details about a village court to which my interpreter and I were summoned (we survived).
Gomlongon Village, Umboi Island,  is home to native eyewitnesses of the ropen. This animal is believed by some American Creationist cryptozoologists to be a giant Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur.
Gomlongon is close to Opai Village.
Interview of David Moke (Gomlongon and Opai area of Umboi)
Sighting reports not explained by any hoax hypothesis