How To Support Our Ministry:

By Mail: Make Checks out to:

University of the Nations Kona (UNK)

75-5851 Kuakini Hwy., # 256
Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740 USA

Include a separate piece of paper designated to: Mitchell Metzger - Acct. No. 5788.

All gifts are Tax-Deductable. They will send you a receipt and an envelope. You can also set up a direct deposit straight from your checking account (dd) or credit card (cc) on a monthly basis. Here is the number to call to set up this feature: 1-808-326-4498 in Hawaii. Talk to Donor Services or download Electronic Funds Transfer Form HERE.

Western Union:

Mitchell Metzger, Western Union, Masinag Branch, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines.


This is fast and easy and once you enter in our information, it is really easy to give again a 2nd time. You will need to email me to get private banking account information to use this one. The money will be withdrawn direct from your checking account into our account in the Philippines.

Wells Fargo, South Dakota, USA:

We can also provide for you our Wells Fargo checking account information in South Dakota for easy deposit from anywhere in the USA. Deposits can now be made via drive-thru all over the USA.

We have two Paypal options: A personal one and one managed by YWAM Kona. YWAM's M Metzger or click here for YWAM Kona. You can set up a monthly Automatic Electronic Fund Transfer also. Go to Electronic Funds Transfer Form.

To write us online please fill out the form below.
For a faster reply email me at:

PHILIPPINES - If you are in the Philippines and want to give straight to our Philippines BDO account you will need this information:

BDO Masinag Branch, Marcos Highway, Antipolo

Mitchell S Metzger
Account Number: 

400000 4029