Life Is All About Priorities - If Your Priority is Health Care for you and your dependents - whether humans or animals or plants - then let us go a step further in this regard

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Sri Gomata Gayatri  - Organics & Ayurveda  
A Divine Combination Of Ayurveda & Gomata Products

With the divine blessings of Goddess Adi Para Sakti & Lord Parameswara

We have been given the opportunity, By our Divine Mothers, The Gomatha & The SriMatha, to Dedicate our Gynana - Knowledge, Samaya - Time, Avakasa - Opportunity, & Krushi - Effort,  For the benefit of Vedic Uplifting of Pasu Sampada - The Animal Wealth &  Vriksha Sampada - The Tree Wealth, through the Vedic Route of Ayurveda, Pasu Ayurveda, Vriksha Ayurveda. & Promotion Of Gomata Products.

Divine Vedic Hindu Scriptures & Ayurveda & Gomata Products is basis of Organics: 

Vedic Vedic Hindu Scriptures, Ayurveda & Gomata Products provide the ultimate solutions for almost every health problem that arises in humans, animals and plants. Our entire resource of research and products is a combination only of these. So let us see as we go along how different problems are solved with different categories of  medicines from these origins.  

The solution and then the problem the Vedic way

Nature has created its own solutions to problems that may arise to the Humans - Manush -, Animals- Pasu or Plants - Vriksha, even before creation of the life on earth itself. The Atharva Veda through Ayurveda has shown Divine Path through the Vedic, Ayurvedic & Gomata route with  solutions to all problems pertaining to them. 

These are just like the bud turns to a flower, the flower turns to be a fruit, the fruit there after turns to be a seed. are we trying to solve the problem of the seed without trying to see what is there in the bud or the fruit. the bud, the flower, the fruit and the seed are like yesterday, today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow. each is interlinked with the other.    

Again and again in our entire resource you will find all our entire research and solutions for all present situations or circumstances not deviating from from the above which clearly proves itself to be the ultimate solution for any resolution.