The Local Group Lunch is the merge of the previous Massive Stars and Starbursts, Stellar Populations, and Interstellar Gas and Dust journal clubs. The focus of this merged journal club is on topics related to nearby (Milky Way and nearby galaxies) stars and gas, including -but not limited to- resolved stellar populations, star formation, ISM, dust, and stellar evolution.

The previous website for the Massive Stars and Starburst journal club is:

Please join the Local Group Lunch Fridays at 1pm in CafeCon (conference room next to Azafran, the STScI cafeteria).

We normally have a guest speaker for ~30 minutes sometimes followed by a ~30 minute discussion of a recent paper led by a local (STScI / JHU).

If you have any guests that would like to give a talk in the journal club, or if you would like to discuss any relevant recent paper, please contact us.

Organizers: Mario Gennaro (email)

Local Group Lunch Schedule

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