Welcome to the Jester Park Men's Club website, your source for information on the Thursday men's golf league at Jester Park for 2018.  


Thursday results and handicaps are current through the week of September 6, 2018.  Handicaps are FINAL for 2018; remember that these are Jester Park Golf League handicaps and they should not be used as a GHIN handicap or in any other handicap event. 

Payouts have been calculated for weeks 14-20 and are visible under "Payout Lists".  A special e-mail blast has been sent (along with a link to this website) as the payouts are now available at Jester Park.

League Play has begun, but you can still get into the league.  Just fill out an entry form (available at the Jester Park golf shop) and leave the filled-out form with your check for $80 at the clubhouse.  If you include an e-mail, you will be notified when your application has been processed, and you can start playing on Thursdays right away. Completed forms with checks can also be mailed to 8905 Highland Oaks Drive, Johnston IA  50131.

As of June 6th, we have a record 194 members this year.  Making a tee time on Thursday is extremely important, as the "first-come, first-served" nature of the league from seasons past is no longer in effect.  Playing before 1:30? You can still participate in the league; the signs are out on the course by 8:00 AM each week.  Just make a tee time and use the first nine you play as your "scoring" nine when you turn in your scorecard.  Playing 18 holes after 2:00 but before 4:00?  Still good, just tell Jester Park that you are in the Thursday men's league, make a tee time in the 2:00 to 4:00 range, and then ask for a second time on the opposite nine about 2 hours and 20 minutes after your original time.  Playing nine holes after 4:00?  You still need to make a tee time, but both nines are open for times between 4:00 and 6:00 PM, and it is for our members only.  

What's New for 2018:

1.  The clubhouse is/will be completely remodeled. It is hoped that the clubhouse will be ready by the end of March.
2.  The 17th hole has been reshaped. There are two new forward tees, replacing the old gold and red tees.  The fairway is concave and the green is visible         from the new forward tees.  The hole was sodded in 2017 and should be ready once the course opens. 
3.  The 11th hole will be a par 5 from all tees.  Both ponds are reshaped and there is no forced carry over water from any tee.  There is now a landing area         in the fairway for anyone's tee shot with any club they choose.  The 11th hole will play as a par 3 until the new sod takes hold.
4.  The 8th hole has a new look; water encroaches on the right and even to the right and behind the green.  The tees will be rebuilt, as the pond between 11       and 8 is now twice the size it was before and all the trees are gone.
5.  The handicap holes are renumbered. This was done to better match the handicaps to the way people play the course (Stroke play, not match play)
6.  The course will have an electric cart fleet with GPS on the carts.
7.  The clubhouse will have a full kitchen with a varied menu.  Thursday special every week:  16 inch Fat Joe's pizza and a pitcher.  Other food items                   available, and the clubhouse will provide steak and sides for our food nights. 
8.  Membership price drops to $80 from $100,  but no pre-paid cookouts.  Registration night banquet (pork chops and sides, keg of beer) is covered by the       dues, but food nights during the season will be optional and paid for by the member through the Jester Park Golf Shop.
9.  Everyone should be making tee times for Thursday in advance of League Play.  If you want to play 18 holes, you should make a tee time before 2:00 PM.       At 4:00 PM, tee times will start on BOTH nines.  If you do not have a tee time, you will have to wait for an available opening.
10.  The tee markers have changed for 2018.  Replacing the Blue-White-Gold-Red are the markers Black-Gray-White-Burgundy.  The combination tees are       now the Gray-White and those tees are the default tees for the Men's Club.  The 16th hole is now a White tee (163 yards) in the Gray-White combination       and the 18th hole is now a Gray tee (378 yards) in that same combination.  This will be noted on the new scorecards. 
11.  There will be a cart path connecting the Clubhouse and the Range.  Players will be able to take a cart to the range, warm up, and get back to the                   Clubhouse for their expected tee time. 
12.  Because there are fewer "free" food nights, an effort will be made to expand the golf payouts.  There will be more flights, deeper payouts, and more             opportunities for the "net birdie" hole among the higher handicap players.
13.  Any prize winnings from the Jester Park Men's Club may be used for golf merchandise, green fees, cart fees, range tokens, food, beverages or entry             fees in Jester Park sponsored golf events.  Prize winnings can be redeemed at the player's convenience; there is no expiration date.
14.  There is a new irrigation system for the course and (as of May 1) it is not complete.  Individual holes may be closed in March and April, even after the       course opens.  Scores shot on the course for the Men's League (while a hole or holes are unavailable) will be adjusted to make sure handicaps are                   equitable throughout the season.

February 9 - The following memo was sent to all valid email addresses from the Jester Park Men's Club in 2017:

You are receiving this email because you were an active member of the Jester Park Men's Club in 2017 and you gave me an e-mail address at the time of last year's sign-up.

There will be a Jester Park Men's Club in 2018.  It will function very similarly to the Men's Club to which you have grown accustomed.  Our traditional "sign-up" banquet will be at the Granger Community Center on April 19th (with food and MAYBE a raffle) and the first week of play will be April 26th.

John Webb will be Handicap and Events Chairman for 2018, so the events and payouts will be very similar to last year.  Wayne Halbur will start the year as President, but the 2018 board has yet to meet, so future officers have not been determined.

There will be many changes outside the golf events.  The clubhouse should be done by spring and it will have more seating and a different internal design.  The restrooms are updated and the building will contain a full kitchen and will offer a MUCH larger menu.  The new operations team at Jester Park is trying to make the Men's Club experience as similar as possible to 2017, but there will be a few tweaks to procedures.  One change that should be very popular is that any merchandise winnings from the League can be used for ANYTHING at Jester Park in 2018.  That means merchandise, green fees, food, beverages, cart fees...plus the clubhouse will stay open on Thursdays as late as any other restaurant or tavern, if there are customers. 

It has been SUGGESTED (not finalized) that we make better use of both nines by splitting our play to half our players on each nine each week.  This is similar to what Waveland does now, and it would alleviate the problem of late starters not getting finished on the shorter days in May.

The golf course itself has had re-designs to the 8th, 11th and 17th holes.  17 has been re-graded and sodded and it will be ready for early spring play with elevated gold and red tees and a much more receptive fairway.  Number 8 will need new tees, but the green is the same.  Number 11 will eventually be a par 5 for everyone with no forced carry over water, but for the spring it will be a 175 yard par 3 until the new sod is laid and takes hold.

At some point in 2018, the cart fleet will be converted to all electric and the operations team is negotiating for GPS on the carts.  A new much-enlarged patio will extend off the north side of the clubhouse and cover the cart storage area.  This patio, in future years, should enable the Men's Club to have all their functions in the clubhouse.

Last point:  Because of the increased cost of food, the Men's Club was completely wiped out last year; there are no carryover funds left.  Each of the four meals cost us around $2000, and our $100 fee does not support that.  So, instead of raising the fee, it has been PROPOSED that we eliminate the outside meals and drop our fee to $75.  The proprietors at Jester Park would then substitute an optional dinner four times during our season that would be paid for individually by those who sign up a week in advance.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending out more emails with detailed changes.  Once the snow melts and the Jester Park clubhouse opens, you can check out there for sign-up sheets and more detailed information, as well.

John Webb