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Golf is an extraordinary sport. Don't you think you should do everything you can to improve at this great game? Well, your in luck, because here we are devoted to helping you and your golf game. Check out these links to the fundamentals of the game as well as some club purchasing advise, and some helpful videos. You will find it all here. Also try our fun golf related games.

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On this website you will find the most free golf tips on the web. Not only do you get free golf tips, but you also get free golf videos. Best of all you do not need a membership. That's right! you will have access to a bunch of free golf tips ang video instruction. So if you were looking for excellent golf tips, look no more. Gaze through the pages listed on the left-hand panel for golf tips in each category. There is also a video(s) on each of the pages. There is even a page with some golf games to unwind with at the end of the day. There is not only golf tips on this site, but also a Tiger Fan Zone, which keeps you up to date with the world number one, and a link to the official PGA Tour stats provided by