Prices For Tuition Trips in Spain

Rough Guide to Prices

Following is a rough guide to current prices that I have been able to secure.

These are obviously approximate prices and depend on numbers and the time of year.

Bed Breakfast and Evening meal at the Riu Atlantico is approximately £50 per person per night

Greenfees per round work out approximately £50 a round

Car Hire for a six days is roughly £75 per person

My Fees

 My Golfing fees are £200 a day in total including all expenses like flights and hotels.  The fee includes a morning clinic and a round with the customers in the afternoon
.  So if a group of eight golfers hire me it's only approx £25 a day per person!  

Approximate Price for a Five day Break

Total Calculation for eight people - staying 6 nights, playing five rounds of golf and sharing a car (including my fees) =  £595 per person 

This is only a rough guide to give you an idea of approximate costs, however each group is different so please feel free to ask me for a quote.

(See Next Trip details 19th - 25th September!!)

Being a member of the PGA for thirty years, and a member of the European PGA Seniors Tour, my reputation means everything and therefore am a PGA pro you can trust.

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