Gold Fortunes

Lost gold treasure waiting to be discovered around the world

Ancient Aztec-Inca gold mines, sunken Spanish galleons, lost shipments, buried treasure in various forms.

search for lost gold

Numerous lost gold treasures have yet to be discovered. Although many are documented, old in-accurate records make pin pointing the treasure a challenge. Many times it is sure luck along with determination that results in a discovery. Gold coins have been collected by beach walkers. Tide force and wave action finally gives up the ocean's treasures. Gold may lay in the ground or sea for hundreds of years and still look like the day it was forged.Old libraries and other collected records still have hidden clues to aid in finding lost treasure. 

Metal detectors are a popular choice for many. Different models have various ground penetrating radar depths to find metal and minerals such as gold. Before conducting a search you should check the local laws regarding possession of lost articles and artifacts.The Pandora Prescription is a modern day treasure hunt. $50,000 dollars have been hidden, and you must buy the book to read for the clues to find it.

find lost gold treasure

Lost gold treasure is sometimes found in old buildings. Banks were not always a common thing and people stashed their valuables in floorboards and other supposedly secret hiding spots.
Many Spanish galleons went down trying to pack away stolen Inca gold. The ships were heavily laden and many sunk due to bad weather. Little free-board in big waves spelled disaster.

Storm forecasts were non-existent. An old sailors verse indicates their weather forecasting ability.

"Redsky at night, sailors delight."

"Redsky in the morning, sailors warning"

Pirates and French privateers also laid in wake for these treasure filled ships. Sometimes they were successful in capturing the vessel and its rich cargo. Other times battle damage sent one or both ships sinking to the ocean depths. Engagements were to the death as the bounty was so valuable. Kings paid armies and constructed cites with these funds. If not delievered major recession would overcome the land and lawlessness increased. 

Lost artifacts are still being discovered in the worlds jungles. Fast plant growth quickly covers old ruins and previously habituated places. Google Earth has assisted in revealing hidden empires long over run by vegetation. Angkor Cambodia is an example of a huge ancient city.