Poetry Help

Not Sure Where to Begin With a Poem?

Here is one example of how to rhyme. The red sentences rhyme with each other, as do the blue sentences.


  • Maybe you're not so comfortable with rhyming, or simply want to try something different. That's totally okay! Maybe you should try out an Acrostic Poem.
An acrostic poem is when you create a poem from a topic word. Your topic word will most likely have something to do with the Gold Rush. Here are a few examples of acrostic poems:

The first letter of each sentence spells out the word "Acrostic". Here's another example:

Interesting, right? Pick your topic word, write it vertically, and then use each letter as the beginning of your sentence.

  • Maybe you are struggling with coming up with a topic to write about. Here are a few ideas that might help you get started:

- You are a miner that has just found gold.

- You are traveling to California in search of gold.

-Your friend found gold.

-You are tired of looking for gold.