Goldrush is a purveyor of high quality, custom, hand-
crafted fishing rods. 
And our clients believe we are very talented at what we do. Custom fishing rods aren't for everyone. They are, however, for anglers who are serious about their sport fishing.  If you simply want a plain, everyday rod, we "do" advise that you visit your favorite discount sporting goods store or tackle shop for this purchase. However, if you are the type of fisherman who is not satisfied with the choices or the workmanship of the rods you will find at your local retailer, you’ve come to the right place.  We specialize in custom-building a host of fishing rods that are not available from the mainstream manufacturers because there is not a high demand for these custom rods or they are too labor intensive to construct. If it is important to you to have your rod built by a craftsman, rather than mass produced by an assembly line worker, then again, you’ve come to the right place.   
 We can build rods that you definitely won't see on the store shelves.  When you observe the workmanship, finish, attention to detail and the aesthetics of our rods, you’ll soon realize that you’ve made the correct decision in purchasing a Goldrush hand-crafted rod.  We build all types of rods, for a host of both fresh and saltwater gamefish. Be it an offshore saltwater rod, or a finesse spinning rod for your local river; perhaps a fly rod for the mangroves or our line of specialty travel rods, we have a rod that will fulfill the needs of the most discriminating angler.   We offer the most extensive line of break-down travel rods available today.
 ***Micro Guides are now available on all Goldrush Custom Rods as a "No Charge" upgrade.***
If you haven't tried a rod with "micro guides" you owe it to yourself to get one.  You'll never go back to traditional guides on your rod again.  The weight reduction,  performance increases, and sensitivity will convince you.  
Email me at for a complete overview of applications using micro guide technology.  I'll be happy to answer all your questions about them.