We live rural south eastern Pennsilvania, and enjoy raising Goldens  Retrievers as a family hobby. Both of our dogs are family pets, and loved by all of our children. They are obedient and sociable dogs, and love to be with us wherever we go.

We started raising Golden Retrievers when we got our first dog, Princess Daisha, in Febuary 2004. We got her as a pet, with plans that she might pay her way by giving us a few litters. Later in the same year, a male puppy was made available to us, and we got Mikito. 

We have built a large dog house, for our dogs. It is well suited to their needs, and provides a place where they can enjoy the cozy shelter or relax and play on a shaded deck.       

We have had 3 litters of pups so far. The first in 2005.

Contrary to the "kennel" approach, we do not operate as a "puppy mill" and will not breed to see how many pups we can produce, or how much money we can make. Rather we will contrive to breed with quality and elegance, to produce quality Goldens which are in good keeping to the breed standard provided by the American Kennel Club.

Our ultimate goal, is to be able share with you, the satisfaction of having your own Golden Retriever, and help our puppies to find loving friends and home. 

Thank you for taking time to visit our page. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Fisher Family