Where crisis exist so do opportunities of grandeur inevitably guaranteeing the seer doer a permanent place in contemporary history as a purveyor of nationally needed solutions welcomed by all in the face of such cyclic events imitating from the people and the core of the culture itself.
Beginning our talk with this premise in mind takes us directly to the undeniable multifaceted crisis approaching many of the world's economies; the magnitude of which is similar to an enormous slow motion title wave with teeth which can only be seen in its entirety by those who have either prepared themselves in appropriate ways to shield themselves from the impact of this incremental process or those whom are currently doing so.

Is this an extreme evaluation on my part or is this reality yet another well hidden crisis neutralized in its importance by a million and one convenient distractions ever so present throughout every western culture; all designed to entertain, stimulate and misinform the masses of what is actually important vs. what their favorite entertainer is staring in or that favorite athlete who scored the winning point, distractions are the tools of choice by the architects of control.
So with a million and one convenient distractions inundating ones every sense; how can a person wake up and accelerate the process of truth in their lives based upon irrefutable evidence; this may or may not be the kind of question one may ask in light of searching for viable answers to deep seated thinking; just the same consider the following precepts of surreal self initiative the ultimate enigmatic opiate to ones initial awakening.
There are essentially five functionally indispensable categories required by all humans in today's world of modernity; so with an open mind let us review these axioms.
Commodities: Adequate none debt based shelter, quality land to grow food plus, water from a well spring or lake which may need simple purification,tools of various types, some type of sustainable self generating energy, dried and fresh food supplies, Gold and Silver Bullion, some currency, weapons for protection and finally communication devices such as shortwave radios, satellite phones etc.
Community: A strong conscientious community of means and ability regarding sustainability, support and security
Information: Access of up to the minute information regarding the nation, the world as well as your region and communities around you.
Travel: Perhaps this is the one category that is so often overlooked with regard to its importance; your ability to move as needed is so critical to your well being in every way; this is why you must keep a quality running vehicle which is fueled with an alternative source of energy such as bio-diesel, hydrogen or some other source which you can supply through your own ability remain ready for use at all times; and by all means please keep your passport and a visa of choice updated and available for instantaneous use.
Self Knowledge and Cultivation: Spring is actually the new-year not winter; but more importantly it is a time for new beginnings and new thought; just as fall is the season to prepare your last harvest for storage and the much needed rest on your part; summer is the full season of life and abundance, while winter is the season of rest, renewal and self cultivation; this practice is actually the natural rhythm of life, combine this natural rhythm with the possession of Gold and Silver bullion as a means of leverage under very challenging circumstances; being in such a position as to possess appreciable amounts of Gold and Silver bullion will ultimately enable you with many opportunities both large and small.
Why mention this given that such opportunities might in some way benefit you from others misery; what might be considered opportunistic by some in actuality may be a life saver to those needing what you have to offer rather than be faced with other decisions of a dire nature from which they stand to lose everything.
In essence it is common for people to dismiss the unfathomable; especially when they have nothing to compare such a new reality to, this kind of thinking behavior is often associated with cognitive dissonance.
The fact that many people cannot fathom what is near is no excuse to dismiss the glaring reality starring the world down; it was once said to me that in a world of massive technological tools available to everyone if they but use them; suggest that ignorance is willful not a given based upon the reality today; having acknowledged this fact one must now ask themselves first and foremost what am I willing to do to be free to enjoy a life of self directed posterity which is none subjective to others.
For starters read the articles Gold Bullion and Precious Metals Income and Revenue Strategies for 2011 as well as Gold Bullion and Financial Sense Integeras sources of viable insights and by all means implement a plan which encompasses the principles presented in this article.