Project Team

Project Manager:
Sandy Rodriguez, Special Project Cataloger

Project Staff:
Patricia Altamirano, Library Information Specialist II
Timothy Gieringer,
Library Information Specialist II
Anthony (T.J.) Prince,
Library Information Specialist II, February 23, 2009-September 3, 2010

Matthew Scrivner, August 2008-
David Dimmit, May 2010-
Past Students:
Kristin Gates, September 2009-April 2010
Christopher (Chad) Raborn, November 2008-August 2009
Shayne Coats, August 2008-October 2008
Principal Investigator:
Bonnie Postlethwaite, Associate Dean

Wendy Sistrunk, Head of Music Cataloging/Project Director
Brenda Dingley, Director of Technical Services