Welcome to the life & times of
the Rescue Shiba Inu

“It was a dark and stormy night.” Actually, it was on a sunny California day
that I was rescued by my new family. I was their Thanksgiving day present. 
I might have looked a little scruffy but I definitely had the “Shiba Attitude” 
and my bark is something to fear "Squawk". I immediately made all the 
furniture “My beds” and showed the other Shibas my bulldog stance that 
said, “Not taking any guff from you guys”. I am 13 inches tall & 15 pounds-
Small but Mighty.

Before After

I have such cute dark ear tips. And here I am getting used to my new recliner and showing off my bulldog stance.
My brother Koshi and I like to do "mush face". Don't we look similar? My younger sis Harlow looks cute in her fancy neckwarmer.