2009 CCH Gold Glove League Regulations

  1. Rosters

Once again, we will have two spots for the players on the disabled list. One of the DL spots will be for a position player only, and the other will be for a pitcher only. Since Yahoo! doesn’t have a setting for this, it will operate on the honor system and we trust that you’ll abide by the guidelines. However it will be self policed by the entire league and the Commissioner, msredbird51. One warning will be given, but a second offense will result in one of the DL players randomly being dropped from your team. 

  1. Keepers

All teams will keep a minimum of two players, with a maximum of four. Teams who choose not to keep the maximum will be compensated accordingly. (See below.)

Returning owners must submit their keepers by 11:59pm CST, January 29, 2010. Owners may keep any player on their roster, but they may not keep two players who play the same position. For example, Yawkey cannot keep both Albert Pujols and Derrick Lee; he can only keep one 1B. But, hypothetically, if he wanted to keep Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman, who is eligible at 1B and OF, he could do that. However, if he keeps Pujols (1B) and Berkman (OF) he could not keep another outfielder because Berkman would be his OF keeper. Any other player he keeps must have a position other than 1B or OF, like Chase Utley, who could be his 2B keeper. 

The same will go for pitchers. Someone could not keep both Ben Sheets and Roy Oswalt, because they both have SP eligibility only. However, if they wanted to keep Ben Sheets (SP) and Justin Masterson (eligible at both RP and SP), they could. Please keep in mind that Yahoo! determines eligibility, and what positions a player can play changes from season to season. Contact msredbird51 with questions about position eligibility.

All owners are required to keep at least two players. Those who do not want to keep additional players can opt for an extra draft pick or two in place of those players. Compensatory draft picks will be “sandwich picks” between rounds, and the order will be a result of a random draw. (See below.)

There will be two sandwich rounds. Owners who are compensated with two sandwich picks will pick once between the first and second rounds, and then again between the second and third rounds. Spreading the sandwich picks out reduces teams loading up on one position with un-restricted draft picks (as opposed to the restriction on keepers) and increases competitiveness. Sandwich picks cannot be traded between teams.

Remember: You will not be able to see who other owners are keeping until all keepers have been submitted to msredbird51 by11:59pm CST, January 29, 2010.

       3.      Draft    


The draft will begin at 12:01am CST, February 1, 2010. The order will be a reverse of last year’s final regular season standings, except the Runner-up (YawkeyWay) will have the 10th pick in the draft (the champion from last year, Bake_McBride is not returning).


The draft order is as follows:

1. Pontus13

2. jwisham

3. cardinalfan4life

4. OchoaSTL

5. Waino50

6. msredbird51

7. reseel


9. PLauderdale30

10. YawkeyWay

NOTE: Sandwich picks will occur between rounds one and two for the five owners who only kept three keepers.

The draft will take place on the Gold Glove League Draft Thread on CCH. Once the first pick is made in the thread, the next owner will have 24 hours from the previous pick to make his/her selection. Owners who will be picking back-to-back at the top and bottom of each round will not be given 48 hours to make their picks; they will have a total of 24 hours to make their consecutive selections. 


If you do not believe you will be around when your turn comes up throughout the course of the draft, please PM a list of players to an owner (preferably one that does not pick near you) who can make your selection for you and keep the draft moving smoothly. If you know you will not be around and have PMed someone a list, make a small post in the 2010 GGL Discussion Thread on CCH, so that we know who should be picking for you. 


If we have not finished the draft by Saturday, March 13, 2010, the 24-hour window will become a 12-hour window to ensure that we finish in a timely manner. 


If you miss your pick and have not PMed a list to someone, your turn will expire after 24 hours and the next owner in the draft order will be able to pick. If you miss your turn, you may make your selection anytime you get back to the draft thread regardless of who is picking at the time, but you may not pick any players who were taken after you missed your turn.


Please make sure the player you are going to pick has not been selected already. If you select a player that has been selected, your turn will skipped, and the next owner in the draft will be allowed to pick. It will be up to you to make another selection.


If any owner misses 2 of their first 3 picks, or 3 of the first 5 picks, they will be replaced at the discretion of the commissioner. This keeps everything running smoothly and helps create routine amongst the owners. However, if you miss early picks but have left a list with someone to pick for you, you will not be penalized or replaced. 

Please remember the Draft Thread should be used to post draft picks only. The Discussion Thread is the place to post all other league chatter. Any discussion posts made in the draft thread will be removed and, therefore, missed by league owners who need to read it.

Finally, do your best not to pick out of turn. You should only PM the person who picks after you when they are up, do not PM other owners in the draft telling them they are up. If there is a snag in the draft, msredbird51 will take care of it; She's good like that.  


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