Grading Policy

The following grading policies are in effect for 8th Grade Health Class:

1. Describe in detail how students will be graded in this class, including percentages for letter grades, and class participation credit.

Students get points credit for each assignment. Total points accumulate per quarter and students receive a grade according to the percentage of work completion and satisfaction of assignment criteria. Percentiles are rounded up, and the grading scale is standard: 90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, 59% = F

2. Describe the method to be used in handling make-up and other late work.

Makeup work is the responsibility of the student if they miss class for any reason, although provisions are made in emergent situations. Work is accepted until the last day of the quarter.

3. Explain the procedures for considering extra credit work.

There is no extra credit in Health Education. Students complete work as assigned, and if they didn’t understand or complete the work they can do it again.

4. List the basic work requirements for this class (i.e. workbook, notebook, outside reading, book reports, papers, standard paper heading, etc.)

All work is to be completed in class. Texts books are not issued unless for prearranged absence. Homework for Health includes parent/student conversations and students being encouraged to practice healthy habits outside of the classroom.

5. List below any other policies or requirements that have not been covered in the previous questions.

The Health classroom is meant to be a healthy environment. It is free of harassment and promotes courtesy, kindness, and respect. When students behave inappropriately in the classroom they are redirected to appropriate expectations. First, students will recognize their inappropriate nature of their behavior and state an acceptable alternative. Second, students are directed to parents for correction. Third, administrative referrals for class conduct go to asst. Principal Mr. David Nogg and Assistant Principal Jason White.