Welcome to Goldenview Middle School Band! Click the tabs on the left for more information!

Welcome to Goldenview Band

Incoming band students will need to purchase a band book and a Goldenview Band Polo as their concert uniform.

Intermediate Band students will use the "Standard of Excellence" Book 2 (Blue Book) and the Advanced Band students will be using the "I Recommend" book.

Quarter 3 Advanced Band Recording: Pg 24 #2

Pg. 24 2.m4a.mp3
GVB1_full white background2019.ai.pdf

Advanced Band Tour to Hawaii

If you have any questions, feel free to email Mr. Whitfield at whitfield_daniel@asdk12.org

Goldenview Band News:

Help Mr. Whitfield decide the winner of the Flight of the Bumblebee Challenge!

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Check out the Anaheim Trip Slideshow/Video!

In the words of Mr. Whitfield, "If you can't play it... It's homework!"