Buy your yearbook!

Thanks to the yearbook sales of 2015-2016, 126 trees are being planted in Golden Valley Middle School's name! We are officially a TreeRing Green Yearbook School, and eligible to use this badge on our yearbook page:

TreeRing Green Yearbook School

Yearbooks are delivered by the last week of school during the current school year.   Quantities are limited.  When they’re gone, they’re gone!  

Customized pages deadline for delivery at school: April 22nd.

1.  Pay in person at Golden Valley Middle School in J4 before we’re sold out.    

2.  Pay online. Click link below to go to the Golden Valley account page:

Create a free account.  The online site mentions customized pages and states a deadline of April 22nd.  You can still choose to make customized pages, but you will need to order your yearbook online, and it will ship straight to your home address.  

Update on 5/31/16: You can go to the link shown here and order a yearbook to be sent to your home. No additional yearbooks will be delivered to the school.

Click here to begin your Golden Valley yearbook!