Welcome to the 11th Pass.  At Golden Valley Weyr, the first six months of it have been anything but routine.

Since the 10th pass ended, Golden Valley Weyr has been largely cut off from the rest of Pern.  The North, jealous of the Southern bounty and strength, cut all contact -- leaving the Weyr isolated. 
But Golden Valley is no longer alone.  Monaco Bay Weyr, founded a hundred Turns after the North dismissed Golden Valley, is more inclined to ally with their Southern Continent neighbor than continue to deal with Northern hostility and jealousy. 

In the past eight Turns, strange things have happened at the Weyr.  First, a green refused firestone.  Then she did the unthinkable and laid eggs.  Three Turns later, the second fertile green produced an entirely new dragon, a color no one had ever seen before -- a little copper female.

Now, one of those fertile greens is dead, in circumstances that may not be entirely accidental.  Copper Avaleth has laid her eggs, and there are still doubts about the dragons inside.  A third gold has arrived from the North, bringing news of further strife in the North - with Weyr, Hold, and Hall alike struggling to get by in the face of drought and disaster.

And a recent Threadfall drove home that point, with riders from High Reaches Weyr coming South and bringing chaos and strife in their wake.  Their unexpected arrival threw all the rules out the window, and now both Golden Valley and High Reaches hold captive riders.

With the future of the North and South in the balance, everyone is waiting to see what happens next.