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Team Rules and Regulations

Records and Times will be posted on Mile Split. Below is the link.
1.  Regular season practice starts at 3:00 on the Football Field unless we are dealing with bad weather and will meet in the large gymnasium at 3:00.
All levels/events will warm up and stretch together.  We will line up the same way every practice; if you are not there you will be called.  After stretching, athletes will split up by competition. Mondays and Tuesdays plan on going to the NAAC on Hwy 93 and 64th for everything but field events. 
2.  Check the practice schedule and announcements that will be posted daily outside Coach Talbot’s office as needed.  Please take the time to read the schedule before asking coach what we’re doing today. 

3. Be on time and ready to go for all meetings. Be quiet while coaches are talking. Learn the skill to listen.

4. Plan your personal appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) so they will not conflict with the program.

5. Take care of the locker room   Do not leave garbage in the locker room, take care of your facility, it’s all we have.

6. The Jefferson County Athletic Fee is $150.00.  If you can’t pay it for hardship reasons, contact the athletic director.

7. Each player must have a current athletic physical and emergency card to practice and play.
8. Outerwear will not be supplied. We have websites you can purchase gear at DenverAthletic.com or mylocker.net



1. All athletes are expected to be at meets/bus as per the time posted. All athletes are expected  to stay until the finish of the meet. We are a team, as a team we go together, we leave together. If you have an actual issue, discuss it with Coach Talbot. I have the final say whether you actually need to leave or not.

2.  Leave the practice/competition areas better then you found it. We will not be the dirty school   at track meets. We will clean the school campus every time this is an issue.

Be on time for practice/Meets. Missing or being late for either is a great way to get   benched          and or released.   Being on time makes you that more noticeable as an athlete.

3. Hustle all the time.  Never walk anywhere on the field.  Concentrate and be intense in every drill or competition.

4.  We expect every Senior and returning letterman to be a leader on the field.  You are expected to set the pace and help younger members of the team.

5.  NO PROFANITY. That includes any remarks or innuendos that can be taken as foul language. The easiest way to be taken out is to be offensive and embarrassing.

6.  Respect your fellow players, opponents, and coaches


  1. To be the best player you can be.
  2. Accept your role as a member of this program. Each and every player is important.
  3. To understand that not everyone can be a star, start, or even get into competition that often.
  4. To be a model citizen as well as a track athlete.
  5. Never mix negativity with your sport; it’s too easy to criticize.  Be positive.  Don't blame coaches for things you had control of (missing practice and not being allowed to participate. Not being willing to be coached, etc..)
  6. Accepting a position is not a given and can be lost due to injury, lack of effort, failure to get better, or a reserve outperforms you. 
  7. You may not always like the event you are in, but what you have to understand is you are a member of a team. Being a team member means taking on a role or duty you may not enjoy, but will do your best at.
  8. Everyone is placed by ability. Whoever runs the fastest, jumps or throws the farthest will go to the meets. We will schedule enough meets to keep everyone involved.




1.    To develop your children into the best athletes possible.

2.    To demonstrate high character and morals on and off the field.

  1.  To be a great role model for your children.
  2.   To create a positive family atmosphere for your children.
  3.   To give great effort in planning and preparation for games and practice.

      6.    To treat your children with respect at all times.

7.    To monitor your children’s academic progress.

8.    To create an environment where your children will have success.

9.    To create a positive attitude towards life and Golden High School.
10.  Coaches will dress professionally at games and in practice.
11.  Coaches on this staff have diverse backgrounds as players as well as time as assistant and head coaches.  We will employ the best coaches we can find.
12.  Are we perfect, not at all.  However, we will do our best.



1.      Make sure that your child knows win or lose, scared or heroic, YOU LOVE THEM, appreciate their efforts, and are not disappointed in them.  This will allow them to do his/her best without a fear of failure.  Be the person in his/her life so they can look to for constant, positive reinforcement.

2.      Try your best to be completely honest about your child’s athletic capability, his/her competitive attitude, his/her work ethic, his/her sportsmanship, and his/her actual skill level.

3.      Be helpful but don’t coach them on the way rink, pool, track, or on the way back or at breakfast.  It’s tough not to, but it’s a lot tougher for a child to inundated with advice, pep talks, and often critical instruction.

4.      Teach them to enjoy the thrill of competition, to be “out there trying”, to be working to develop the feel for competing, for trying hard to have fun.

5.      Try not to relive your athletic life through your child in a way that creates pressure.  You fumbled too; you lost as well as won.  You were frightened; you were not always heroic.  Don’t pressure them because of your lost pride.

6.      Don’t compete with the coach.  The coach is the authority figure on the field.

7.      Don’t compare the skill, courage or attitudes of your child with other members of the team.

8.      Get to know the coach so that you can be assured that his/her philosophy, attitudes, ethics, and knowledge are such that you are happy to have your child under his/her leadership.

9.      Always remember that children tend to exaggerate, both when praised and when criticized.  Temper your reaction and investigate before over-reacting.

10.  Make a point of understanding courage, and the fact that it is relative.  Some of us can climb mountains, and are afraid to fight.  Some of us will fight, but will turn to jelly if a bee approaches.



The TRACK AND FIELD Staff of Golden High School believes that in order to score high academically, you must:

DO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS.  Your teachers have carefully a learning program.  By not doing assignments, or doing them hurriedly, you make time spent in class less valuable.

GO TO CLASS.  You must attend all of your classes.  By attending classes, you show that you want to pass the course, and that will work in your favor if you need some help with the difficult parts.  Besides, if you ditch class you won’t play.

PARTICIPATE IN CLASS.  Ask questions and express opinions.   If misunderstand something during class, you will get it wrong on the test.  By speaking up, you give your teacher a chance to clarify/correct anything you may not understand.  Also, by speaking in class you can kill some football player stereotypes for other students.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, ASK FOR HELP IMMEDIATELY.  If you would rather not talk in class, see your teacher after class.  Ask for clarification of anything said in class that confused you, or, if you foresee a problem completing the assignments, ask for advice.  If you can’t talk to a teacher after class arrange to see them in access period.  Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away.

STUDY EVERY NIGHT.  Even when you have no assignments to do, review your class work.  Studies have shown that reviewing material just before you sleep helps you remember it the next day.  If you spend time on your assignments before a test you’ll never have to “Cram” for a test.

READ.  Reading is a lost art, find it.  Reading assignments prepare you for the next class session.  If you have not done the reading, you probably won’t have a clue what the teacher is talking about.

FIND OUT ABOUT TUTORS.  Tutors can help you find better ways to do your work.  Look to your coaches, teammates and counselors for people who can help in some subject area(s) you are struggling in. 

DON’T BE ASHAMED OF FAILURE.  Failing a test is like losing, if you dwell on it you will never overcome it.  Always look to different options if what you are doing is not working.  Things that are difficult need practice and study, you have to do it to do it right.

TAKE TIME OUT.  If every part of your life is allocated to school, practice and homework, you will burn out.  Your work won’t go away, so don’t feel you can’t walk away from it for a short break, just don’t leave it completely.  If you over stress, you’ll accomplish little.

USE STUDY HALL. GHS offers you two days a week to work on your studies at school. You have no excuses other then you chose not to use the time.



            Jefferson County Academic eligibility is as follows:  Players with two or more failing grades for that week are ineligible for that week.  All grades will be reported weekly to the office and the coaches of each level will be notified as to each player’s academic progress.

Golden High School Athletes are expected to attend each and every one of their classes and be on time.   If it is brought to the attention of the coaches’ that a player is missing class, the player will be asked to correct the situation or be dismissed from the team.

Studying is important!  Our athletes must be self-disciplined to study while going through the strenuous football season.  It is essential that all our athletes maintain their grades to be eligible to participate throughout the football season. Nothing is more aggravating then depending on a player and have them come up ineligible. 




 Injured persons who cannot take part in active practices have obligations to the team.

1.      Follow the trainer’s and coach’s orders.

2.      Keep your grades up to maintain eligibility.

3.      Attend each practice unless excused by the head coach or trainer.

4.      Check with the team trainer for your daily rehab program.


1.      Students are individually responsible for meeting with the trainer and taking care of injuries.  All athletes should know when treatment sessions are available.

2.      The training room is not a social area or a place to hide from practice. If you are too hurt to practice, you are too hurt to participate.

3.      The training room is a first come first serve operation.  Our trainer gets here at 2:00, get in early.

4.      Our trainer’s decision is law. If you are rude in any way to our trainer for whatever reason, you will be suspended until a parent meeting has taken place.


1.   Each and every player is responsible for his own valuables and has a locker for that purpose.  You are to keep your locker shut and locked any time you are not in front of it.  If you would hate to lose something (i.e. Money, Jewelry, Calculators, etc.) don’t bring it to the locker room. Do not give out your combination or stick it inside your locker where someone can see it.

2.    You and only you are responsible for all equipment issued to you.  There are no loaners in this program.  If you lose or forget something you will be responsible for the discipline and cost. 
5.  Each player must supply his own shoes.  Our colors are white and maroon, buy accordingly.
6.  Make sure equipment fits properly.
7. Never go in the store room on your own!  Ask a coach or a manager for help.


Players generally letter by participating in 22 varsity events or scoring 11 varsity points.  Other possibilities are for Seniors who followed team guidelines the whole season.  Athletes who were in starting roles and were injured are also eligible for lettering.  Granted these athletes continue to remain a part of the team.

All Conference is all based on how you finished in the league meet. First place is first team, second is second team and third is honorable mention.  No one is guaranteed all conference.

Qualifying for state is based on your ranking in state. CHSAA will take the top 18 athletes and relay teams in each event to state. All State is the same scenario as all conference.


      Any player giving up track and/or wishing to drop from the squad must have a meeting with the head coach and turn in all equipment.  Certainly, track is not for all people, therefore, it is the belief of this staff that we will always honor and respect any player who drops from the squad after notifying the coach. 

However, should you quit without notifying the coach and your equipment is lost or stolen, you will be completely liable for it.  Also, in the event you choose to quit playing the coach will call your parents and notify and discuss your decision with them.  Players will not just disappear from the program.  Finally, if you do drop out, there is no coming back this season.


In the event it becomes necessary to remove a player from the program, the coach will notify you, your parents and the athletic director.  The following reasons are grounds for dismissal during the season:

1.      Habitually being late for practice.

2.      Missing practice.  If a player is constantly missing practice for reasons that are not acceptable or deem more important then practice it is in the coaches’ discretion to remove a player from the team.

3.      A second offense of Tobacco or Alcohol.

4.      A single drug offense.  It’s illegal.

5.      Lying to a coach, teacher, or administrator.

6.      Being a detriment to the team through poor actions and decisions on or off the field.

7.      Habitually poor grades.



A winning team has a great deal of togetherness.  This togetherness is brought about by mutual respect for all players and coaches.  One must   respect each other’s weakness and strengths and build upon them.  There must be loyalty towards one another, coaches, players and staff.


After becoming a part of a team, speak well of it, stand by it.  And stand by the school it represents.  Look for ways to support your fellow players and help them, rather then seeking opportunities to criticize and demean them.  If you condemn or eternally despair, resign from the team; and when you are on the outside damn it to your hearts content.  As long as you are a part of the team, support it, respect it, and help it grow, improve and become together, as a unit.














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