Directions to GSSP

41.135135, -120.978509
(41° 8.065' N, 120° 58.693' W, elev 1315 m.)

Frosty Acres Ranch

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From the San Francisco Bay Area, GSSP is a shorter drive than attending RTMC.

From central Calfornia, drive up highway 5 to Redding. Turn east on highway 299 and drive approximately 100 miles. When you reach the town of Bieber, watch for the Red Barn (gas station and store) as you are leaving town, and turn right there onto the A2 (Susanville Road). Continue approximately 9 miles before turning left onto Bassett Road (road 424). GSSP will be on the left shortly. If you reach highway 139, you've driven too far and missed Bassett Road.

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Please note - found on a local web-site for the star party area:

"One warning for your trip. The roads are all very good and you may be able to get away with speeding on Interstate 5, but you won't here. We have very little traffic, and that makes you an easy target for the Highway Patrol. Drive carefully and enjoy the scenery."