Many incredible people and organizations are involved in the reforestation efforts at Golden Gardens. We'd like to use this page as a forum for showcasing some of the great work of our donors, volunteers and other contributing societies in furthering our work at Golden Gardens. Thanks to everyone who makes reforestation and maintenance at Golden Gardens possible!

Plant donations have been made possible by:
Reforestation consultation has been expertly provided by:
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway (MTS). MTS also supports Golden Gardens through work party events and aggressive invasive removal.
  • Clay Antieau, Botanist and Horticulturist, Seattle Public Utilities
  • Doug Gresham
Other donations provided by:

We would also like to extend a heart-felt THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers who participate in our events or who contribute time in improving our City's forests. Thank you also to all of those community residents, neighbors and park goers who respect Park Rules and respect the attempts at restoring and maintaining forest growth at the Park.