Golden Feather Tea is dedicated to preserving a rare Camellia sinensis tea cultivar of great historical and cultural significance.  It is now growing in the majestic terroir of the Northern California Sierra Nevada foothills.

Mike Fritts, Tea Farmer 

Genesis 1:11
God said, let the earth sprout vegetation,
plants yielding seed and fruit trees bearing fruit
after their kind, with seed in them on the earth ;
and it was so.

Thousands of years later in 2010, I purchased Camellia sinensis tea plants from Mendon's Nursery in Paradise, California.  As a horticulturist,  I appreciate the beauty of the plants and began to experiment with making tea.  Oh my goodness!

My relationship with Camellia sinensis grew, and I bought more plants.  They have endured me and
all types of weather at elevation 2044 ft in the Golden Feather District of the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California.

By 2015, these rare tea plants produced a unique Oolong that won second place in the Tea of the United States (TOTUS) competition in Volcano, HI. 

Golden Feather Tea was divinely gifted by the Holy Spirit.  It is grown and processed in the tranquil ways of the old world.  In addition to being a fine tasting single origin tea, the health benefits and historical significance of this tea continue to be revealed and increased.