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Welcome to my support website for my iOS app Quick Clips!

I know that the thing I always want to do is get into contact with a human being, preferably the one who actually made the app, and so I'm going to give you my email address right now:

That's my personal email address. Go ahead and send me any questions, suggestions, or comments you have. Including "Quick Clips" in the subject would be helpful, for the sake of keeping track of your email.

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Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I suppose I'll go ahead and talk a bit about the app.

Quick Clips gives you access to all of the emoji characters, no set up required. 

All 467 of the emoji/emoticons and 310 of the other special characters the iPhone have been sorted into 25 categories for you to easily browse and type characters from. They haven't all just been lumped in without rhyme or reason. 

Tap and hold any character and it'll be marked as a favorite and added to the special Favorites category, allowing for even quicker access to the characters you type most frequently. 

Don't fall for the other apps which only provide instructions for how to set up the emoji keyboard; Quick Clips is already set up for you. 

But wait; there's more! Do you need to store multiple strings of text on your pasteboard? Are you frustrated the iPhone can only store one at a time? Switch modes in Quick Clips, and it'll let you store and organize as many strings as you like. 

Quick Clips is supported by ads, and so free; you've got nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

The version currently on the store is 1.4. The changes made between 1.2 and 1.4 include:

New Features in 1.4: 
- Premium Users may now search for characters they'd like to type. 
- Premium Users may now set up their own custom categories to move characters into. 
- New Categories: Constellations, Clock Icons, Button Icons, and Cyrillic (an alphabet common in Russia... you'll like it because it has a backwards R, Я.) 

Bug Fixes in 1.4: 
- Fixed a bug where characters could end up duplicating themselves. 
- Fixed a bug where categories could be "swiped to delete", causing the app to crash. 
- Fixed a bug where the cursor wouldn't remember its position when bringing the standard system keyboard up or down. 

Other Changes in 1.4: 
- Moving the tab bar on top of the standard system keyboard will now automatically cause the standard system keyboard to dismiss itself. 
- Attempting to open a category while the special keyboard isn't visible will now cause the special keyboard to reveal itself. 

Plans for 1.4.1:
 - Add formal support for iPad.
 - Anything else anyone would like to suggest to me via email or in the comments below.

Older Change Log

Bug Fixes in 1.2: 
- Fixed an issue where some emoji would leave behind invisible characters after being deleted.
- Fixed an issue where the ad banner would duplicate itself after tapping on it. 
- The "Ad Removal" button has been moved inside the Help Menu (the ? button), has been renamed "Upgrade", and should work now. 
- The Quick Clips menu now behaves more predictably. 

New Features in 1.2: 
- Short Cuts: Some keys have short cuts under their symbol. For example, :) is under 😄. Type a short cut in the text field and it'll be replaced with the corresponding symbol. Premium users may tap & hold to assign custom short cuts to any key. 
- A Help Menu (the ? button) will explain how all the features of the application work. 

Copyright © 2013 Taylor S. Marks