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Just $0.99 on the App Store:

This game is based on Chansey's Egg Emergency, a minigame from Nintendo's Pokémon Stadium 2 for the Nintendo 64. I really liked that game, but it had a pretty severe issue... my friends and I would frequently score perfect 100's, and so we'd tie. The issue is the game was too easy. So, my game "Egg Drop!" starts like the mini game, but it doesn't stop after 100 eggs; it gets harder.

The goal of the game is to catch and hatch as many eggs as you can before you run out of lives. Falling from the sky are four different objects:
 - White Eggs, which are worth 10 points to catch, or you lose a life if you drop one.
 - Golden Eggs, which are worth 100 points to catch, or you lose a life if you drop one. Additionally, hatching a golden egg will give you a bonus life.
 - Green Bombs, which will cause you to lose a life if it lands in your basketful of eggs.
 - Smart Bombs, which will also cause you to lose a life if it lands in your basketful of eggs.

Now, maybe you're wondering, what the heck does hatching do? It's actually a pretty big deal... and maybe I didn't make that obvious enough in version 1.0.
 - You get a lot of points for hatching eggs. The more eggs you manage to get in your basket at once, the better.
 - For every golden egg you hatch, you get a bonus life. (Golden birds will only come from golden eggs, which always have golden birds.)
 - Hatching your eggs leaves you with an empty basket, which means if you're in a tight spot where you'll inevitably catch a bomb, it won't be an issue because it won't harm an egg. Remember, the goal is to protect the eggs, not the basket itself, so catching a bomb in an empty basket is fine.
 - It's really pretty. I just thought I'd throw it out there. I spent nearly 20 hours perfecting the animation of my birds flying.

Oh, and I should probably mention this: to hatch your eggs (and empty your basket), double tap anywhere on the screen.
While I'm at it, I'll mention that a two finger tap will pause the game. I don't know if I mentioned that anywhere else... it's kind of a secret because the pause screen is really, really lame looking.

Well, have fun with Egg Drop! I'll be keeping track of the different versions of the game below.

Version 1.0
I submitted version 1.0 on Friday, June 23rd, 2011 and have told Apple to make it available for sell as soon as they've approved it. Last week Apple reviewed 96% of the iOS apps they'd received, so it seems like my odds of being on the iOS app store by June 30th are pretty good. Egg Drop! went into review on Thursday, June 30th at 10 AM and was approved by Apple and went live on the app store at 8 PM.

6/30 - 2, one of which left five star review :D
7/01 - 5, I have a second five star review!
7/02 - 4, no new reviews, and fewer sales than yesterday, hopefully tomorrow goes better.
7/03 - 6, another new record! Still not enough reviews to have an average displayed in the app store, though.

Weekly Sales
7/03 - 17
7/10 - 14
7/17 - 5
7/24 - 1
7/31 - 1
8/07 - 1
8/14 - 5
8/21 - 1
8/28 - 2

Monthly Sales
July - 40 (including June 30th.)
August - 9
September - 4
October - 5
November - 4
December - 4
January '12 - 9
February - 3
March - 6

Version 1.1
Just incase you actually care or visit, I should just let you know, this is in hiatus. It has been for many months. Why? Because nobody cares. I don't even care. It's too much work to make an update and I don't have any fan base for this. Other projects have proven much more successful, so I'm moving on. Anyways, if I ever do come back to make a 1.1, here are things on my todo list for the version:

 - Make the sidewalk at the bottom of the screen bigger, so that players can control their basket without obscuring the falling objects or the basket.
 - Highlight the most recent high score.

In Progress
 - Add in a "hatch" and "pause" buttons in the game... I'm worried people aren't going to read the instructions so they aren't going to figure out that to hatch the eggs in the basket, they have to double tap the screen, and to pause the game they have to do a two finger touch.
 - Add in options for five columns and a "basket spring" behavior.
 - Adjust the balance in the game. I'd like it if players lasted about a minute longer than they currently do.
 - A global high score list, powered by Apple's Game Center.

 - Add new sound effects for:
   • Birds hatching and flying away (some brief music and bird chirping, maybe?)
   • Catching eggs (I tried out a lot of different sounds in pre-1.0 versions, but didn't like any and just sent the game with nothing for version 1.0.)
   • The Initial Countdown (birds chirping might be nice...)
 - Have explosion animations be generated on the fly, so they aren't all identical.
 - Make it so shattering eggs leave behind egg yolk stains and bomb explosions leave behind scorch marks on the sidewalk. Just some visual flair that'll look nice.
 - An interactive tutorial, because people are ignoring the instructions and getting frustrated when they can't figure the game out.

In the meantime, I'd much appreciate it if I could get some reviews on the app store. So far, I've only gotten two, and Apple requires that I have at least five before they'll display an average. I suspect a lack of a displayed average is resulting in my low sales, so even if you have three or four star reviews, I'd much appreciate them.

If you're thinking of giving me a one or two star review, could you please send me an email (I gave my address at the top of this page,) or post a message in the below topic at MacRumors and see if I can't fix whatever you don't like in the version 1.1 update?


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