Golden Eagle Army's Website
A Club Penguin Army

Hello, this website will probably only make sense to people who play Club Penguin:

The Golden Eagle Army is an army on Club Penguin, to join its simple, just email us at: (or you can ask any questions on this as well) saying that you do and don't forget to put your penguin's name.

When you have joined: here are the suits to wear:

(must be yellow coloured): The firefighter's helmet, swimming googles (only if you can find it, its a hidden item), the Firefighter's jacket, a Black Bowtie, black Sneakers, Silver watch.

Why join? Join us will be fun for lot's of reason's, here are some of the main ones:

1) You get join us in fun battles against other armies or penguins.

2) Every battle we do will most probably get filmed and put on YouTube, so you will become a famous penguin.

3) You will have ascess to our headquaters which is mainly closed all the time (the headquater's are our leader's igloo, read more about him below).

4) ...and so much more!

Our leader: Our leader is Knowledge13, he usaully wears (he is a yellow coloured penguin): A black top hat, secret agent sunglasses, a black tuxedo (or also known as: Suit Jacket & Shirt), a bowtie, a cane, Black Dress shoes.

But his G.E. army suit is: The same as the rest of the army, except he wears secret agent sunglasses (so that he is reconisable) instead of the swimming googles.

When you have emailed us a army join request he will tell you where to meet him to become his buddy, so that you can acess our headquaters. He will also tell you excatly what to do at the time of Battle.

Our Meeting place: We always have meetings at "Frostbite" on the American flag. But that is just everyday meetings (you should try and always log on there instead of another server), when we have a battle or such, then our leader will tell you where to be and at what time (PST). Any more info about a battle or meeting or such will be posted on the following yellow area:


Special Notice Zone

Current meeting place: Frostbite

Current battle status: ---

Other notices: ---