Golden Daisy Quilts

Golden Daisy Quilts Gallery: Quilts are uniquely handcrafted.  They can be ordered by e-mail to Cuc:

Cuc's work has been featured in the Stowe Guide & Magazine Summer/Fall 2008 issue, the Burlington Free Press (October 2009) and the Tokyo Japanese Quilting magazine (Spring issue 2010).
Her Autumn runner shown here has been exhibited in Paris, France (Spring 2011).  Her Venetian Stained glass quilt shown below (graduation gift for her daughter) was exhibited at the Outdoor quilt show in Bozeman (2007).
Cuc's quilts, table runners, place mats, bags and fleece hats are sold at Capitol City Public market Holiday Annex in Vista Village Shopping Center.
Cuc is a transplanted fiber artitst from Vermont who has just arrived this Fall in Boise.  She is currently residing in Boise, Idaho.  At Cuc's booth, you will find table runners, quilts of all sizes, bags and wall hangings of bold patterns and brilliant colors.  Her booth is bright and infuses the surrounding with cheerfulness.

 Custom design quilts and t-shirt, sport jersey quilts can be inquired at Cuc’s booth or via email:

                           Autumn Runner
Cuc' special and unique design to represent the beauty of Foliage.


Ryan's Quilt in evening light above and in morning light in the Yurt below 

Ryan's Trouble Quilt

Ryan's Quilt: 74"x90"
This Fall, I went out West to visit my mother who has just came back to US after 6 years living in Saigon, Viet Nam and we drove the RV from Oregon to Bozeman, Montana so that I could personally give the quilt shown above to Ryan who has been recently diagnosed with melanoma.  Fortunately, the surgery has been successful and Ryan is doing great! 

Venetian Stained Glass  - Queen size
"Graduation Gift for my daughter"
This quilt was exhibited in the 15th Annual Outdoor Quilt Show in Bozeman, Montana -August 25th,2007

Sasha's Quilt shown above in her apartment

Blue Impulse - 


   African Lady of the Lake - Full size
The African fabric was pieced in the large triangle pattern with vibrant colors & flowers and surrounded by smaller triangles - hence it is called "African lady of the Lake"
A colleague came with his wife to my Summer Open Studio sponsored by Vermont Festival of the Art.  He is British who is originally from Tanzenia and his newly-wed wife is from Tanzenia also.  I asked her to tell me which one of the quilts or patterns is her favorite.  Her response was" I love them all, but this quilt reminds me of my grandmother as I would see her wearing her scarf and clothing in this type of fabric"  I told her after all that the name of the quilt is "African Lady of the Lake".  Well, if I reproduce another quilt of this design, I would name it "Tanzenian Lady of the Lake".  The trouble is, I cannot get another african fabric like this "one".


Double Star & Diamond Quilt - Queen size
Spring Serenade Steps: 
This quilt was started last Spring 2010 when I was hiking near Breckenridge ski resort after watching my son's slopestyle competition.
While I was cautiously taken step-by-step down the icy, snowy trail,  and hoping to spot the blue columbine, the state flower of Colorado which is known to be anyhere in the meadows or on the high mountains.   I was dreaming of designing a quilt using "courthouse step" pattern, in part due to the icy steps, in part due to the fact that I have never made a pattern with square or rectangle like the well known "log cabin" pattern. 
The name "Spring Serenade Steps" conjectured my memories of this hike and it portrayed well with the new "old" stone steps which my husband has just acquired this summer.  An old barn's foundation in Waitsfield was in need to be repaired and these stones were purchased by us to create our new stones stair case for the back yard with the West view of Sugarbush ski resort.  This quilt will be exhibited at the nearby Gallery.
Plum Chocolate Jacob Ladder Quilt:  46"x65". 

Quilt was sold to a gentleman who bought it for his wife on their anniversary!

The store owner at Stowe had been bugging me to make another one.  However, being a true artist I rarely would make a second quilt alike.  I might use the same design but I would change the fabric and color and it would be a different quilt.


Asian Inspiration:  This quilt took me a whole year to finish as I could not find the perfect fabric to border the nine pieced blocks of hole in the barn.  Finally,  I finished it while I was in France.  At Sophia Antipolis,  in the French Riviera, I spent my evening after work in a small apartment to either write my story on line to connect with my children back home in the US or  to quilt.  This quilt finished by Fall 2009, just in time for my Stowe Foliage Arts & Crafts Festival.  The quilt was bought by  my Japanese colleague , Toshi, who has been collecting all my best quilts.

Bear Paws Lap Quilt:  made for my husband in 2006
We rented a really drafty house near Stowe ski resort for our kids to be able to pursue their skiing career.  My husband loved to tie flies for his fly fishing and this quilt completed his evening activity well so that he could be warm and enjoyed the task.
Blue Oceania Diamond: 
This quilt was commissioned by my husband.  Steve wanted to decorate our new house in the Mad River valley with as many of my quilts as possible.  It would be hung among the rafters along with the other quilts in the cathedral ceiling space in the living room .  The  quilt pattern was not a difficult pattern but the fabric designed by Paula Nalderstern has intrigued me to fabricate a quilt which gives the impression of ocean waves movement.  Well, despite my genius math effort of cutting  into shapes and playing with geometry and lastly labeling each fabric piece to make a block  of four  triangles then arranging the blocks and ensuring that the movement of the quilt is harmonious from small blocks to become one giant quilt, well it is only 40 inches square,  I spent my whole 4th of July- day, in a very hot and humid room to finish the quilt.
Normally, this quilt should take me no more than 4-5 hrs.
Sorry no order is to be taken for this quilt!
Variation on a Waltz: 
Using 54-40 or Fight quilt block with snow ball quilt block  yields this wonderful "Waltz" Quilt!
I will barter with an artist friend,  for a set of wonderful plates and bowls in return for a Queen size "Variation on a Waltz " in a warm earth tone with deep royal blue specks. and gold stars of 54-40 Fight. 
I am looking forward to make this quilt for Loretta this winter!
See 2012 Quilts Gallery for others, the above quilts have been sold!

Shades of  Glorious Autumn Leaves:
Before my daughter left for Vietnam for her "Fullbright Scholarship", I decided to make something for her to remind  her of  Vermont in the Fall.  It could not have been more appropriate  than the quilt shown above!
Well, my son , who is a designer for ski clothes ,  also requested me to make him a quilt to be hung on his window for his Montana delling.
At my Foliage Open Studio, a nurse at the Elementary school has purchased this design to dress up her infirmary where sick little chidlren take respite. 
"Thanks again for your beautiful artwork that will now grace the back wall of my heath office! "
Asian Inspiration:  This long runner can be used either as a runner, wall hanging or it can be a  "Footbed runner"
Christmas Stars Long Runner: 16" x 72" Sold! 
Custom Order only-likeness (fabric will be slightly different)

Mauve Roses Charm - Long Runner: 16" x 72".

This quilt has been purchased by one of the four sisters (who have been my two-times returned customers) at Vermont Festival of the Arts Open Studio in Waitsfield - summer 2012.  Mauve Roses Charm fabric is no longer available.