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Breakfast at Dotty's

On Saturday, January 17th, 2009, a grouping of Lead and Tenor voices gathered at Dotty's abode so as to practice show tunes. This was made even more enjoyable by Dotty serving breakfast. And, as everyone knows, Dotty is a great cook and she did not seem to spare any pots and pans in creating lots more than all of us guys could possibly eat.


After breakfast, we did settle down and do some real practicing of the show tunes. We worked out some real kinks (some wrong notes too) and by the end of the overall rehearsal, the group sounded great. Good eats and good times can't be topped especially with good song.


It is hoped that a similar grouping of Baritone and Bass voices can be put together and meet for a rehearsal soon at Dotty's house.


(Webmaster's note: The following week, the baritones and the bases DID have a breakfast session at Dotty's.)