Golden Bridge: 
To leave an opponent an opportunity to withdraw in order to not force them to act out of desperation – Sun Tzu 

Honoring our past. Protecting our future.

Honoring our past.
 our future.

Golden Bridge, LLC was formed in September 2015 to empower landowners affected by Clean Line Energy Partner's proposed Plains & Eastern Clean Line. The founding members: landowners on the preferred and alternate routes, neighboring landowners, and allies who simply object to the corporate use of eminent domain, wanted to create an organization to pool our strength and obtain the best possible outcome in this situation.

Our Mission: 

The LLC will educate members and other interested parties on our issues regarding the Plains & Eastern project, condemnation (eminent domain), and landowners' rights, especially as they affect property values and agricultural/recreational operations. 

The LLC will take those steps necessary to help protect property owner interests, including but not limited to addressing environmental, economic and health impacts, and helping to protect and improve landowners' property rights, including the mitigation of potential liabilities.

Our Objectives:

To evaluate ALL options available to address the potential impacts from the Project, including, but not limited to:
  • Legal action in defense of landowner rights 
  • Negotiation of the right-of-way easement terms that benefit landowners now and in the future
Our Collective Commitment:
The purpose of the LLC is to enhance the leverage of each individual member by combining our resources into a single, organized entity. It only works if we all commit to be in this process together. Members agree to the strategy, which they will have a hand in crafting, under the terms of membership. We are now accepting applications for membership. Please contact us for more information:

By Phone: 

(479) 214-0799

By Email: 


By Mail:

Golden Bridge, LLC
4300 Rogers Ave., Suite 20-148, 
Ft. Smith, AR 72903
Why We Need an Official Organization:
Multiple LLCs and other landowner organizations have popped up across the country over the last few years as a means to empower people who usually face these kinds of situations alone. The "stakeholder groups" typically involved in utility project developments include environmental NGOs, consumer groups, government agencies, and labor/manufacturing organizations, but no cohesive organization to speak up on behalf of landowners.  

Several landowner groups have already undertaken successful actions against Clean Line in other states. The Southern Great Plains Property Rights Coalition negotiated a settlement with Clean Line that prevents the use of eminent domain against its membership and requires arbitration instead. The Missouri Landowners' Alliance was extremely active during Clean Line's recently rejected bid for utility status for its Grain Belt Express line at the Missouri Public Service Commission. 

Affected farmers in Eastern Arkansas have joined together to form Downwind, LLC. It's time for the rest of us to do the same and protect our interests.
There is strength in numbers.

**Currently, voting memberships are available for Arkansans only. If you live in Oklahoma and are interested in helping establish a similar LLC there, please contact or email us**