2011 Tournament Results!!!

posted Apr 4, 2011, 10:10 AM by Shihan Newman

Gold Country Karate Tournament Discovers Gold!

The Gold Country Karate Tournament this past Saturday brought out an energetic and determined crew of nearly 50 Martial Artists from the Placerville area.   The event successfully determined the metal of these competitors in the areas of Forms, Sparring, Grappling, Board and Brick Breaking, and more.  It was an amazing day of good competition, show of heart, camaraderie, and mutual respect shown across the board!  From tiny tots to half-century aged, every participant gave it their all and it showed!  Shihan Newman from New Man’s Karate, Master Westphal from Foothill Tae Kwon Do, Mr. Tuggle from Tuggle’s Tae Kwon Do, and Mr. Mike Harris from Smith Flat Charter did an outstanding job judging and coaching all the competitors and giving freely of their time and talents to make this a successful event!  The participants were some fine martial artists with great attitudes and enthusiasm.  There was a well organized crew of volunteer judges, timekeepers, and scorekeepers who kept the rings efficiently buzzing with non-stop action.  This event was inspiring to attend and demonstrated that there truly is gold in these hills…and it was found this Saturday in all the little and big acts of selflessness and bravery by those at the Gold Country Karate Tournament!


Results for the 2011 Gold Country Tournament is as follows;


Grand Champions:


Forms: Sean Fox

Adult Sparring: Sean Fox

Junior Sparring: Megan Belluomini

Board and Brick Breaking: Danielle Tiopan

Grappling Women: Shannon Griffin

Grappling Men: Tanner Olson


All Divisions (1st, 2nd. 3rd Place Winners)




Tiny Tots Forms

1st Elizabeth Newman

2nd Benjamin Varozza

3rd Evangeline Newman


9 to 12 Beginner Forms

1st Kyle Colgan 

2nd Preston Lightfield

3rd Daniel Fitzgerald


13+ Beginner Forms

1st Joy Todd

2nd Jacee Anderson

3rd Jan Weeks


13 to 17 Intermediate Forms

1st Kristin Barney

2nd Brittany Griffin

3rd Ashley Selby


Green Forms

1st Bryant Daugherty

2nd Rory Daugherty

3rd Shannon Griffin


Red/Brown/Black Forms

1st Sean Fox

2nd Morgan Kirschenmann

3rd Danielle Tiopan


Flag Sparring

Tiny Tot Flag Sparring

1st Elizabeth Newman

2nd Benjamin Varozza

3rd Evangeline Newman


8 to 10 Flag Sparring

1st Kane Willoughby

2nd Nicholas Spevak

3rd Tynan Daugherty


11 to 13 Flag Sparring

1st Chase Bishop

2nd Samuel Morrison

3rd Julian Lamers-Noble


14+ Flag Sparring

1st Ajita Sherer

2nd Michaela Belluomini

3rd Ben Isenberg



Tiny Tot Sparring

1st Elizabeth Newman

2nd Evangeline Newman

3rd Benjamin Varozza


9 to 12  Sparring

1st Julian Lamers-Noble 

2nd Sam Olson

3rd Rory Daugherty


13+ Sparring

1st Megan Belluomini

2nd Tanner Olson

3rd Shannon Griffin


Red Belt Sparring

1st Nick Spevak

2nd Kane Willoughby

3rd Chase Bishop


Brown/Black Belt Sparring

1st Sean Fox

2nd Weston Gibson

3rd Tanner Ford


Board & Brick Breaking

1st Benjamin Isenberg

2nd Danielle Tiopan

3rd Bryant Daugherty


Weapons/Open Kata

1st Weston Gibson

2nd Sean Fox

3rd Shannon Griffin



Women Grappling

1st Shannon Griffin        

2nd Megan Belluomini

3rd Danielle Tiopan


Men Grappling

1st Tanner Olson

2nd Ajita Sherer

3rd Bryant Daugherty



By Shihan Scott Newman