Our Pastoral Staff

Pastor Romy Gunzon

In our time, God calls us to be co-workers in the mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world". God's gifts and graces transforms individuals and congregations from fear to hope; from clinging to the past to investing boldly in the future and the future is ours for the taking with great enthusiasm and increased faith that God is within us. Let us Enlarge our Vision! Let us raise our level of expectancy. It's our faith that activates the power of God. In our faith journey together, continue to think and do bigger and better things, together let us carefully watch for the new things that God would like us to do in our life, in our church and in our community.

Pastor Romy

Lay Minister Joe Hoffmann

Lay Minister Joe lives in Alta, CA with his wife Barbara.  They were married in 1972 and have four grown children.  Joe has been a member of God’s family since the age of seven.  He has been affiliated over the years with Brethren, Baptist, and Presbyterian churches but has called Dutch Flat UMC home since 1986.  In 2009 Joe completed United Methodist Church Certified Lay Minister Training and since then has been elected annually by Gold Country Community Parish to serve as a Lay Minister in the Parish.

In addition to sharing the word of the Lord, Joe has shared the world of Mathematics with both children and adults.  He taught at Sierra College for16 years and has served in a number of capacities in support of Mathematics education since he first received his Life-Time Secondary Teaching Credential at age 23.

Lay Minister Madella S.

Madella S. has worked with animals all her life. She grew up on a farm, became a Vet Tech and has worked as a long haul truck driver. But all that time, she has been a United Methodist.

Madella came to Colfax in 2012 and immediately began to work in the church and parish. In the spring of 2014 she completed the Conference Lay Ministry (CLayM) Training. Since becoming a Conference Lay Minister, Madella has worked tirelessly inviting and creating connections for everyone she meets. Madella participates in Small Groups and leads both the Hand Chime choir in Colfax and a study group.

Lay Minister Bill Hart

Bill is a widower with two grown children, Alex and Melissa. It had been Bill's dream, since he first came to Camp Alta as a young boy, to someday become part of our community. After his retirement as a government advisor, Bill saw this lifelong dream come true. He has been a resident of the Dutch Flat area (Chrystal Springs) for more than fourteen years, now, which he says "almost" makes him a local.

As a lifelong Methodist, Bill believes a faith in God is, at best, lukewarm if not coupled with service. He has served and continues to serve our community in a number of capacities, including as a chaplain with Emergency Services, Disaster Relief, area hospitals and hosp

As the Lay Leader for Dutch Flat and a Conference Lay Minister (CLayM) for Gold Country Co-operative Parish (GCCP), Bill loves bringing the Word to those that would hear. He believes church is a

 place to praise God, come to know His gift of love and salvation found in Jesus Christ and, find support and give support for each other. For Bill, church is not for the perfect, but for those, like him, who have lived a broken life in a broken world. He welcomes all, no matter how "lost" they might feel. 

Most days, when not serving the community, you can find him out in the diggins or TNF enjoying the Lord's bounty and looking for those that might need someone to "just listen".
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