We purchased our first Boer Goats in 1998. Since then we have been continually improving our overall herd quality. We breed for a structurally correct goat with good length and width. We want our does to be feminine, good producers with beautiful udders, excellent milk production and mothering abilities.

We maintain a clean, tested, mostly-closed herd of quality full South African genetics. We try to keep our herd size down so we can concentrate on quality -- not quantity. We do have a few Boer/Nubian crossbreds. Although our Fullblood herd is mostly traditional, we like to have fun colors and markings in our percentages. We even have Spotted and Dappled goats!




Gold Country Great Expectations
Fullblood Boer Buck
Born: 2-8-12

SS: RRD Brass Shot S916 *ENNOBLED

SD: RRD R879
(An RRD Gauge P529 *ENNOBLED daughter)

Gold Country Cri Baby SA

DS: Powell/Holman Criterion SA *ENNOBLED
(A Powell/Holman Bingo *ENNOBLED son)

DD: Gold Country Ann Featherstone SA
(An RNT's Intimidation *ENNOBLED daughter)

As his name suggests, we have high expectations for this buck. We bought 6 straws of Ruger semen, used 3 to inseminate 3 does, and one of the does took! This boy and his brother are the results. We could not be happier! I've always loved and admired Ruger but if I could have "fixed" anything on him (as if he needed any help from me!), I would have liked a more level hip, and a longer, higher-set neck. Well their mother seem to have fixed those traits in these boys. As good as they look in pictures, they're even better in person (and why is they always pose the best in front of a messy background?).  We have nicknamed him "GE" as he brings too things to light!  GE's first kids are here and he has definitely lived up to those expectations!




We strive to maintain a clean, tested, closed herd -- free of CL, CAE, and Johnes.


We are sold out of Market wethers at this time.  
Gold Country Boers
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