FileMaker JDBC Driver Instructions & Tips

Instructions & TIps for installing and configuring your JDBC connection

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  • Download the Jar and put it in your /Servoy/Drivers folder.
  • Restart Servoy, go to the preferences and add a new DB Sever.
  • Specify the username and password for your solution. (for FM6, the username is the same as the password)
  • Choose 'com.ddc.drivers.fmpxml.Driver' for the JDBC Driver.
  • The connection URL is in the formats of:
    • jdbc:ddc://;pk=Key (FM 7-8) 
    • jdbc:ddc://;pk=Key (FM 6) 
    •  where...
      • is the ip of your Web Publishing Engine (may be the same as your FileMaker DB server, unless you used a 2-tier approach) 
      • xJDBCTest is the name of your filemaker database
      • Key is the name of your primary key field for that database (and all tables within that database)
      • Optional Parameters 

      • fmversion. To be explicit about your version. (the driver can normally detect it on its own)  NOTE: the use of "&" instead of a ":" for the separater on this one ONLY
        • Example:  jdbc:ddc://;pk=key&fmversion=6 (FM 6)
      • layFilter.  Filter layouts starting with this parameter.  This can be very useful since the driver shows every layout in the database as a table.  So, you can speed things up by specifying a layout filter.
        • Example:  jdbc:ddc://;pk=key;layFilter=servoy                     (only shows layouts where the layout name starts with 'servoy')



  • Don't use 'recid' as the primary key. FileMaker actually has some metadata with that name, so it causes problems. I recommend 'id' or 'pk', or something like that.
  • Make sure the primary key field is on your layout your trying to get to. Since it is using Web Publishing, the fields have to actually be on the layout in order for the XML part of the Driver to get to them.
  • Do not use spaces in your layout names.
  • Only put fields on the layout that you actually need in your Servoy solution. It will make it faster
  • For the definition of your primary key, I have been using Text, Auto-Enter Serial, and Validated to be Not Empty and Unique. I use Text because numbers have some display issues with the driver, but they will still work.
  • For the driver URL, don't include the .fp5 extension. The extra period messes things up since the SQL notation is tableName.fieldName