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FileMaker Pro JDBC Driver devloped specifically for Servoy connections. (FMP Version 5-8)


To provide a FREE driver to allow Servoy users to make a database connection to their FileMaker Databases (versions 5-8) through XML (FileMaker Web Publishing) to assist getting to their FileMaker data during their Servoy development/conversions. This driver is NOT meant to setup a permanent connection to FileMaker. This driver will never be fully JDBC compliant, since that is not possible through FileMaker's Web Publishing. However, it will allow most of the standard functionaly needed to assist in making a FileMaker connection during your development/conversions. 

Most users find this driver to be faster, less buggy, and more standards-compliant than the previous JDBC driver that ships with FileMaker.

Getting Started

Follow the link on the right to download the JAR for the JDBC Driver.  Be sure to also read the Instructions & TIps will save you a lot of time and headache.

Project Information / History 

This project is Open Source.  You may browse the code from the Google Code SVN.  If you have an account with Google Code, you may also check parts of the code out to make fixes/changes, or submit bugs.  For others who want to report general bugs or post feedback/questions, please go to the Servoy Forum Topic link on the right.

This driver is a modification/addition to the 360Works' WooF project (rev. 46) to make a connection with Servoy.  (A Big thanks to 360Works!) The goal of the WooF project is to create a JDBC compliant Driver to connect FileMaker with Apple's Web Objects.  Since Servoy has many more requirements of the driver than Web Objects (some of which are conflicting), I have created a separate project.



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