YA - Young Adult Walks for the Young and Active

Contact Details for all YA walks:
Jeff Crane - 0468 495 339

Email –jeffcrane@internode.on.net 

Please nominate for a walk by 6pm the night before.

$5 Visitor Fee or $35 Annual Membership Fee.

See the Activity Program Summary on the menu for all other club activities available for the up and coming months.


For the next few months there will be no organised YA walks, as the leaders are busy doing reccees with the club to plan future walks. In the mean time please contact us if you are interested in future walks with us.
We are organising an under 30's team for the 2015 Kokoda Challenge are you interested??


Key for Gradings and Abbreviations

Distance indicates the approximate walk length of the outing in kilometres

S Short – under 10 km M Medium – 10-15 km

L Long – 15-20 km XL Extra long – over 20 km


Terrain is indicated by a number 1-10 (e.g. T6)

Terrain represents the degree of difficulty of track/off-track conditions such as the steepness and

looseness of slopes, creek walking and crossing, amount of scunge (thick undergrowth), etc. Terrain

also represents the demands on agility, experience, skills such as rock hopping (walking on possibly

loose rocks, e.g. in creek beds), scrambling (using hands for balance and climbing), using hand ropes

to assist climbing, abseiling, etc. and exposure (head for heights, cliffs). In the event of bad weather,

the terrain grade should be considered as higher, e.g. T5 to T6.

T1 Flat road, flat even track, beach or town walking.

T2 Undulating walking tracks, some rocks and roots.

T3 Narrow track, open slopes, creek crossings, some rough ground.

T4-T5 Rough tracks and/or partly off-track. Rough forest and ridges, sustained hill

climbs, some rock hopping, scunge in sections.

T6-T7 Off-track. Variable rough terrain (sometimes rope assisted and/or abseil).

Minor scrambles, exposed ridges, scree slopes, rock hopping, scunge.

T8-T9 Off-track, variable rough terrain (rope assisted and/or abseil), prolonged

scrambles, lengthy exposed ridges, steep scree slopes, sustained rock hopping

and scunge.

T10 Severe and exposed rock scrambles and/or climbs, technical climbing (leader

may lead sections and belay), very steep loose soil and scree slopes, slippery

rock slabs.

Fitness is indicated by a number 1-6 (e.g. F3)

Fitness represents demands of physical (aerobic) endurance, strength, ability to maintain required

pace overcoming terrain and distance in the time allowed. All walks will have rest stops but harder

walks will have less frequent breaks.

F1 Easy strolling pace, low aerobic, frequent stops, suitable for unfit beginners.

F2 Normal walking pace of about 4 km/ph on the level.

F3 Average bush walking fitness, ability to sustain pace.

F4 Sustained aerobic level and moderate strength required.

F5 Sustained and demanding aerobically, demands on strength.

F6 Strenuous aerobic activity, high level of fitness required.


K Kayak/Canoe Trip BK Bike Ride

NW Night Walk EDW Easy Day Walk (10km or less)

TW Through Walk BC Base Camp

DW Day Walk CDW Childrens’ Day Walk

YA Under 45