City Tournament at Golda Meir School for the Gifted & Talented
Golda Meir will be hosting the Milwaukee City Forensics championship on Friday March 13th starting at 3:15 PM.  Golda Meir upper grade campus is located at
1615 N Martin Luther King Drive
Milwaukee, WI  53212

Parking is in the MPS lot located at the corner of 4th and Galena (across from the elementary building) or in the slanted parking on Galena.  Please enter the west building under the skywalk on MLK drive.  Please do NOT park in the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center lot.  Use the skywalk on the 3rd floor over Martin Luther King Drive to move between the East and West buildings. 

Schedule of Events:
3:15 PM Check-in 
3:45 PM Student Meeting in Cafeteria (Basement floor east building)
3:45 PM Judge Meeting in Judges Lounge (1st floor east building)
4:00 PM 1st Round
5:30 PM 2nd Round
6:45 - 7:15 Dinner Break
7:30 PM Music begins in Auxillary Gym (West building)
7:15 Power Rounds as Announced
7:15 PM  Power Rounds Begin Announcing 
9:15 PM Clean-up & Move to Auditorium for Awards
9:30 Awards in Auditorium
10:00 PM Parent Pick-up
 - All students must remain in the cafeteria when not in a round except during dance.
 - All food must remain in cafeteria or auxiliary gym and may not travel through the halls, including candy and there is NO GUM allowed at anytime at Golda Meir.
 - Wait until we announce the beginning of the next round before departing.
 - There is no posting of video or pictures on the web.
 - Excellent audience and hallway behavior is expected throughout the evening.
 - Bullying or bothering of any student at anytime will result in immediate disqualification from final round award opportunities.
There will be 1st and 2nd place team trophies as well as medals for every member of those teams.
Individual trophies will be awarded in all categories based on power round results.
Every one will receive Blue or Red ribbons based on 1st & 2nd round scores.


Golda Meir School for the Gifted & Talented