Golda Meir MS Forensics Team Information Page
Congratulations on your first place win at the City Tournament and all the individual medals. Our friend Erica is thrilled with all the winning energy you have sent her way throughout the season! You definitely all did Golda proud!

A special acknowledgement to Elajah Dixon who finished the season with a fantastic average score of 64.86 and an average rank of an impressive 1.37 over 6 meets in one of the most difficult catedories! Unfortunately her season ended with City as she has a schedule conflict with the State tournament. Also, an acknowledgement to Masami Temple who qualified in two categories - Group Acting with Terynn and Persuasive when Terynn was busy with The Wiz. She will be attending the State Tournament in Group Acting. 

A special acknowledgement to those who grew so much over the course of the season, whether they qualified for State or not: Ana, Journey, Eva and Anastacia, Carmelo, Kennedy and Alana, Quinn and Cort, Emma, Jaycee - you all nearly doubled your scores and/or cut your ranks in half from the beginning of the season!

I would also like to acknowledge all of you who came to practice so regularly and were on task and helping one another consistently since October!

Everyone is encouraged to bring your family and friends with a dessert item to share to Family Forensics Night on March 21st at 6:00PM - enter by the auditorium for your room assignment and bring your materials for performance! This is the last practice before State and the last performance of those not attending State. Parents - this is your opportunity to see how wonderful your kids are - don't miss it!

Anything won at State belongs to the whole team, which is why we deliver you our team trophy (fingers crossed) to the Banquet and our private show at Comedy Sportz! We want the whole team there March 24th at 6:00PM to meet the bus from State. Please let me know if you can't make it, or if you wish to bring a parent. The banquet is at 6:00, the show is at 7:00. Parent Pick up at 8:15 at Comedy Sportz (420 S. 1st St., 532104). Good food, great personalized entertainment, and you get to play along!

Here are the 14 entries and three volunteers who will be competing on behalf of Golda Meir at the State Tournament on March 24th in West bend after score and rank calculations from Cudahy and City. Wish them well!

STATE COMPETITORS: Please meet the bus at Golda by the auditorium at 6:30 AM on 3/24, the bus will return you to Comedy Sportz for the all-team party. WE CANNOT HAVE NO SHOWS AT STATE so if you are on this list and can't make it on the 24th, let me know immediately! As always bring a little money for lunch or a bag lunch of your choosing.

Ellie & Brigid - Group Acting

Quinn & Cort - Group Acting

Terynn & Masami - Group Acting

Gaby & Lauren - Group Interp

Sasha & Peyton - Group Interp

Grace & Lizzy - Group Interp

Joy, Amarion, & Lydia - Group Interp

Justice - Solo Humorous

Carmelo - Solo Humorous

Emma - Infomercial

Ana - Moments in History

Jordyn C. - Persuasive

Gabby & Daisha - Group Improv

Daisy - Ferrago

Volunteer Runners: Jaycee Powell and Christian Hughs

Parent Volunteer for Check-in: Heidi VandeWalle

Other parent volunteers welcome to help chaperone students. 

Congratulations to everyone! I'm very proud of you for a great season!

Our Remind link is Be sure to join so you are informed of any sudden cancellations, meet changes, pick up information, and so you can send the coach messages. If you have not been receiving emails please contact Ms. Turner with your email address as there must be some error with the information entered in the database.

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