Golda Meir Forensics Team

Hey everyone - Great job on your first weekend of meets - I'm proud of everyone. We had a lot of Blue ribbons. You will receive copies of your scored rubrics and ribbons at your practice this week. If you know you infracted for time and need to add material, please start doing that right away.

MJDS (Sunday 3/20) in Place of Whitefish Bay (Sunday 3/13): Unfortunately we were on a wait list for Whitefish Bay and we were just too big a team to slip in. They filled very quickly. That meet was scheduled for Sunday March 13th. I added Milwaukee Jewish Day School scheduled for the following Sunday March 20th in its place. I automatically registered all the participants from Whitefish Bay assuming you would need another meet. If anyone would like to add Milwaukee Jewish Day School on Sunday March 20th who was NOT registered for the Sunday before at Whitefish bay you are welcome to do so. Those I transferred from the Whitefish Bay meet that I moved to the following Sunday at MJDS should confirm they want to stay registered and that they received this message.

Thanks for everything - looks like it's going to be a great season!

Tyne Turner

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