About Dr Sayram

This page is about Dr Gökhan Sayram

Gökhan is one of the last polymaths. He is interested in sciences, arts, history, mythology, linguistics, global politics and environment. He is in the opinion that today's world is in a state of denial, history manipulated, and the humanity is largely oblivious to threats awaiting it. He is currently working on his book  "2012 The End of the World? A Survivor's Handbook" 

The book was conceived and drafted long before the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. He revised and rewritten certain chapters as he felt that he has to answer certain themes raised in the movie.

He says: "The original title was the End of the World without a question mark. But I dare to hope that this is not our set fate and we still have a choice to avert the finality of 2012. This earth is a truly, dazzlingly beautiful place. It is a shame if it is destroyed."

"It is regardless of your belief in creation or evolution" Gökhan says. "If you believe in creation, you would feel responsible to look after this gift given to us. If you believe in evolution, then you are talking about a one in gazillion chance of every variables conspiring to produce the conditions we have here; and it would be a great waste to blow it all away. Life is the negation of the second law of thermodynamics"

And does he believe that he can make a change? "I don't have a choice. I have to believe" he says. "For without this hope, in the face of the current world situation, the existence becomes utterly pointless."

His book "I Hate To Say I Told You So... (But I told you so)" on the '08 Financial Crisis is in publication.

Gökhan can be contacted at gokhan@sayram.net