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May 2013

posted May 22, 2013, 8:08 AM by Tami Baker

May FOL Meeting Minutes


Present:  Misty Witterholt, Shannon Jaramillo, Annie Huggins, Alison McKechnie, Alli Simpson, Tami Baker, Robin Gates, Cindy Hale, Nichol Brown, Leslie Beckett, Renee Reynolds, Vicky Johnson

Meeting called to order at 12:33 p.m.

1. Approval of April Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved as written

2. Librarian's Report

A. Library volunteers should continue to come to their shifts to read shelves and do inventory and help at the Book Fair.  Annie will send an e-mail reminder.

B. An e-mail notification will be sent about the volunteer breakfast.

C. Annie did an inservice for the teachers about e-books

D. Bricks will be installed this Saturday

E. Recent Purchases:  Dog tags will be ordered for the Book Clubs; Book Club prizes; pencils for the pencil box.   A-V and e-book orders will be placed the last week of school.

3. President

A. Volunteer Breakfast scheduled for 5/15 at 8:15 a.m. Kristy will pick up burritos from Golden Pride, Robin will bring her scones, Cindy-OJ, Leslie- muffins, Renee- fruit tray, Alison-cinnamon rolls, Karen will pick up the Starbucks coffee.  Forever flowers will be on the tables.  Set up will be on the 14th at 1:30.

4. Fundraising

A. Volunteer schedule for Book Fair is full

B. Documents pertaining to fundraising will be on a jump drive for next year's coordinators

C. Letter detailing the teacher wish box procedures will be sent out

D. Orbit is confirmed for the Book Fair evening event from 5:30-6:30 only.

E. Clifford will be in the front of the school at pick up time to increase awareness of the Book Fair.

F. Trinket table is ready to go per Cindy

5. Treasurer

A. Alli will do daily deposits during the Book Fair

B. Current balance in the FOL bank account is $15, 481.96

C. There has been some delay with the Articles of Incorporation and we haven't heard if it has been approved by the PRC.  Discussed whether the GOK part of the name could be holding it up. Board might need to discuss this over the summer.

D. Updated budget distributed

6. Membership

A. Bricks ordered and being installed

7. New Business

A. Summer Reading Swap will occur the week of 5/13-5/17. Books will be received Monday and Tuesday; organized into age appropriate categories on Wednesday, the swap will be on Thursday and leftover books will be sold on Friday.  Cindy will put  a notice in the Gazette, on the FOL and GOK websites and in morning announcements.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Next Meeting: TBD

April 2013

posted Apr 14, 2013, 5:00 PM by Tami Baker

April FOL Meeting Minutes


Present: Paige Melendres, Emily Eckelman, Shannon Jaramillo, Tami Baker, Annie Huggins, Nichol Brown, Alli Simpson, Karen Gasparich, Leslie Beckett, Renee Reynolds, Cindy Hale


Meeting called to order at 8:20 a.m.


1. Approval of March meeting minutes

Minutes approved as written


2. Librarian's Report

A. Poetry Alive occurred and went well

B. Author Visits for younger grades not scheduled yet

C. Reduced funds available for the library from the Target grant

D. Annie is working on the Audio/Video materials order. 

E. Last day for Book Club Testing will be 4/26 and last day to check out Library books will be 5/3.  Dates slightly earlier because of Book Fair dates.

F. Discussed the possibility of having a separate reading list for BoB for the younger grades.  Or having a mini-battle at the beginning of the year to encourage summer reading.

G. Stuffed animals for prizes for the pencil box are very successful.

H. Volunteers should continue coming to library shifts even after the library closes for end of the year tasks.


3. President

A. The National Children's Book week is 5/13-5/19 but that is the same week as our Summer Reading Swap, so no special activities planned.


4. Fundraising

A. Orbit is scheduled to come to the Evening Book fair/ Family Math & Science Night on 5/7/13.  He cannot be 100% confirmed by the Isotopes until a few weeks before the event.

B. Sandia Labs will be participating at the Family math & Science night on 5/7 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.  STEM Lab will be open for people to see as well.


5. Treasurer

A. Updated budget provided

B. Paperwork for the 501c3 status was sent to the state.  The new bank account will be open by July 1st.  Different banking institutions were discussed.  Will go with the bank that has the least fees for non-profits.

C. Discussed how to close out the account with the APS Foundation.  May still have to pay fees for this past year.

D. New books can go under the "Library Improvement" category in the budget.  E-books can be purchased from the A-V funds.


6. Membership

A. Brick order for the past school year is in and will be ready by 4/26. It will be installed the following week, in time for the Book Fair evening event.


Meeting adjourned at 9:03 a.m.


Next meeting: 5/1 @12:30 p.m. in the library

March 2013

posted Mar 9, 2013, 6:14 PM by Tami Baker

March FOL Meeting Minutes


Present:  Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Emily Eckelman, Shannon Jaramillo, Paige Melendres, Renee Reynolds, Nichol Brown, Cindy Hale, Misty Witterholt, Leslie Beckett, Robin Gates

Meeting called to order at 12:34

1. Approval of February Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved as written

2. Librarian's Report

            A. Battle of the Books-- Penny will need volunteers for the luncheon on Thursday 5/16

            B. Poetry Alive is scheduled for Monday, 3/25, and will be a short break from testing. Lunch will be provided for the Poets.

            C. Annie still working on scheduling author visits for 1st, 2cnd and 3rd graders

            D. Annie needs the list of people receiving bricks by Friday 3/22

            E.  Community Building Committee is planning a dinner picnic in the new garden area for Tuesday 5/7

3. President

            A. Bricks will be ordered for volunteers whose children are graduating from GOK 

            B. Poem in Your Pocket Day date will be changed to Friday, 4/19, so as not to conflict with the Science Fair day on 4/18.  About 450 children participated last year-- approximately 25 volunteers are needed.  Students will trade in their cards at recess at a table set up outside.

            C. The FOL Executive Committee for 2013-2014 was voted on and approved and is as follows:

            President: Misty Witterholt

            Vice-President: Karen Gasparich

            Secretary: Leslie Beckett

            Fundraising: Cindy Hale, Nichol Brown

            Treasurer: Alli Simpson

            Membership: Shannon Jaramillo, Katia Perez

4. Vice President

Meeting notifications are being put in the Gazette each month

5. Fundraising

            A. Paige provided a draft of the "Teacher Wish Box" procedure, which will be sent home in student folders and put in the Gazette

            B. Paige and Alison are working on a binder with instructions and a flash drive for the documents for the next Fundraising chairs.

            C. There will be 4 cash registers available at the Spring Book Fair

4. Treasurer

Copy of the updated budget provided.  Balance is $17,494.88.

5. Membership

            A. 5 memberships brought in from the Spring Drive

            B. 121 memberships currently, which is an increase from last year

            C. Address will be removed from the Membership form to streamline it

6. New Business

            A. Children that qualified for LOE will get special trinkets or a book fair certificate for their effort

            B. Robin will be starting the moss removal project from the library horn on the Monday after spring break.  Strips of different colored T-shirts will be attached instead.

Meeting adjourned at 1:22 p.m

Next Meeting: 4/5/13 at 8:15 a.m. in the library

February 2013

posted Feb 10, 2013, 4:48 PM by Tami Baker

February FOL Meeting Minutes


Present: Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Cindy Hale, Karen Gasparich, Misty Witterholt, Shannon Jaramillo, Nicole Brown, Alli Simpson, Leslie Beckett, Renee Reynolds

Meeting called to order at 8:20 a.m.

1.Approval of January Meeting Minutes

            Minutes approved as written

2.Librarian's Report

            A. Board approved $300 for a new printer for the library

            B. Annie has been talking to Bookworks about possible local author visits for the 1st, 2cnd, 3rd graders.

            C. Annie will contact Poetry Alive people

            D. Library shifts fully staffed currently

            E. Annie is rethinking Land of Enchantment skits. Does it encourage kids to read more than one book? Children should be reading 3 of the books. 

3. President

            A. Executive Committee positions for 2013-2014 school year discussed.  With the FOL getting 501c3 status, future positions will need a nominating, voting and approval process for new members.  Karen Gasparich agreed to be VP, Misty Witterholt will be President, Nicole Brown will help with Fundraising, Alli Simpson will continue as Treasurer, Shannon will continue as Membership.  Secretary will be determined as Renee may not be able to continue because of other commitments.

4. VP-out of town.  Discussed whether the VP will be the one to upload meeting minutes to the website next school year.

5. Fundraising

            A. It was discussed whether the FOL would want to start using the @Pay service like the PTA, where you can pay online and the fees are 2% of the donations. It was decided not at this time.

6. Treasurer

            A. FOL is considering purchasing a new audio case for the library

            B. Alli reports that everything is on budget currently

            C. Honeywell donated $130 on behalf of Lora Fox as part of their match program. Thank you note will be sent.

D. Alli will set up non-profit bank account on July 1st.  Different banking institution options were reviewed.

7. Membership

            A. Debated whether to put round-up and membership form in the Gazette for the Spring Membership drive rather than printing out and sending home paper copies.  Decided to go online only.

            B.  Deadline for turning in brick requests is 3/22 to give time to engrave and lay the bricks by the Book Fair.

8. New Business

            A. Misty updated us for the Dr. Seuss Birthday/Read Across America plans.  It will be held on 2/27 from 8:15-9 and consist of a parade through the school and then reading Dr. Seuss books in the outside courtyard.  The route has been worked out and parents will be invited.  Signs will be made with the cover pictures of the grade-assigned books to designate where each grade should sit.  Funds will come from the Supplies budget.  Annie will make sure there are enough books for each class. It will be advertised on the Marquee, on the website, in flyers sent home, on posters and in the morning announcements.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25

Next FOL meeting: 3/6/13 at 12:30 in the library

January 2013

posted Jan 21, 2013, 3:18 PM by Tami Baker   [ updated Jan 21, 2013, 7:19 PM ]

January FOL Meeting Minutes


Present: Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Karen Gasparich, Alli Simpson, Alison McKechnie, Shannon Jaramillo, Renee Reynolds, Misty Witterholt, Vicki Johnson, Leslie Beckett, Cindy Hale, Emily Eckelman

Meeting called to order at 8:20 a.m.

1. Approval of December meeting minutes

            Minutes approved as written

2. Librarian's Report

            A. Current open library shifts: Monday 11-12:30; Tuesday 11-12:30; Tuesday 12:30-2.  Notice will be put in Gazette

            B. Author Visits

                        i. Diane Stanley for 5th grade on Wed. 1/16.  Lunch will be in the Teacher's lounge from 12-12:30 for about 10-15 people.  Library will be set up at 10:45 and presentation will be from 1-1:45.  Reviewed who is bringing what food to the lunch.  Robin will take pictures.

                        ii. Caroline Starr Rose for 4th grade will be here on Wednesday 1/25.  Details/times same as for Diane Stanley's visit.

                        iii. Author visits for 1st, 2cnd and 3rd grade still need to be scheduled.

            C. Annie will look into Poetry Alive for this year.

            D. Spooky Story book arrived.  Process for next year was reviewed, decided pre-orders were the way to go.  24 were ordered this year.

3. President

            A. Dr. Seuss day will be celebrated on Wednesday 2/27.  The IC approved a Seuss themed parade followed by Read Across America to be held from about 8:15-9:00.  Misty will be the Chairperson for this event.

            B. Plenty of stuffed animals have been collected, no need to keep requesting more in the Gazette.

            C. Some teachers mentioned they only received 1 book from the Book Fair wish box.  This supported the need for making parents more aware of the teacher's boxes and how to buy them as discussed in the last meeting.  Teacher's will also be encouraged to include books for themselves in their wish list.

4. VP

Emily will do the Round Up sheet by the 30th of January to go out with the Membership form for the Spring Membership drive.


            A. Spring Book Fair will be held the first full week in May. Will work on increasing awareness of teacher's wish boxes.  Discussed pros/cons of 2 evening nights during the book fair week.  Alli will check on Orbit's schedule.  Annie will buy trinkets early this year because they are on sale.

6. Treasurer

$500 will be moved to the bricks fund to cover the order and installation costs.


            A. Annie will call to see how long it will take for the bricks to come in with the goal of getting them installed this school year.  Karen and Shannon will try to get the brick orders in by the end of March or earlier depending on what Annie finds out.

            B. Membership drive deadline will be 2/15.

            C. Discussed staff FOL memberships.   Will look into streamlining the membership forms for next year to make them quicker to fill out.

8. New Business

            A. Brown bag book exchange.  Cindy will organize this.  Children will bring in books on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May, the exchange will be on 5/16 and the leftover books will be sold on 5/17.

            B. Discussed having a ceremony for the new garden, STEM lab and brick dedications in the Spring.  Vicki will look into a reward check from the reusable bag program at Whole Foods to maintain and support the garden.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00

Next FOL Meeting: 2/8/13 at 8:15 a.m. in the library

December 2012

posted Dec 15, 2012, 11:59 AM by Tami Baker

December FOL Meeting Minutes


Present: Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Karen Gasparich, Alli Simpson, Shannon Jaramillo, Paige Melendres, Alison McKechnie, Renee Reynolds

Meeting called to order at 8:18 a.m.

1.    Approval of November meeting minutes

Minutes were approved as written

2.    Librarian’s Report

A.    Spring semester FOL meeting dates set:

Friday 1/11@8:15; Friday 2/8@8:15; Wednesday 3/6@12:30; Friday 4/5@8:15; Wednesday 5/1@12:30

B.    FOL volunteer Thank you Breakfast will be on Wednesday 5/15

C.    Open Library Shifts: Could use an additional person for Tuesday 11-12:30 shift and Monday 11-12:30 will be available after the break

D.   Library will be open on 1/7/13 for shelf reading

E.     Bricks were installed in courtyard. Cost was $140

F.     25 Spooky Story Night books were ordered.  Announcement will be put in Gazette when they arrive

G.   Discussed supplies that have been and need to be purchased

H.   Request for stuffed animals to be used as prizes will be put in Gazette

I.       2 author visits scheduled in January.  Carolyn Starr Rose for 4th graders and Diane Stanley for 5th graders.

3.    President

A.    Learning RX.  Tami met with them on behalf of the PTA.  They can help sponsor prizes, events, etc. in exchange for advertising at GOK

B.    Refrigerator received from Baillio’s. Alli will send thank you note.

C.    Christina Yehle will chair Love A Lonely Book

D.   Discussed ideas for Dr. Seuss Day/Read Across America. Need a chair for these events; might do a parade.

4.    Fundraising

A.    Book Fair brought in $17,694, which is the most ever at GOK.  Bank charged $25 fee to convert coins to dollars.

Successes included opening at 7:30; using Clifford and Orbit; volunteers. Areas for improvement include making parents more aware of the presence of teacher’s boxes and the process to buy their requested books; advertising that books can be purchased online; needing a sign specifying that trinket table is a separate transaction and cash only.

B.    Alli will check to see if Orbit is available for the Spring Book Fair.

5.    Treasurer

Trinket table made about $400.   Reviewed budget.

6.    Membership

Karen will work on a plea to increase staff FOL membership to go out in January.


Meeting adjourned at 9:32


Next FOL meeting: 1/11/13 @ 8:15 a.m.

November 2012

posted Nov 10, 2012, 9:59 AM by Tami Baker

November FOL Meeting Minutes


Present: Tami Baker, Annie Huggins, Karen Gasparich, Alli Simpson, Shannon Jaramillo, Paige Melendres, Emily Eckelman, Renee Reynolds, Cindy Hale

Meeting called to order at 8:27 a.m.

1.      Approval of October Minutes

The minutes were approved

2.      Librarian’s Report

A.      Fridge Repair.  Current fridge is about 9 years old and broken.  Discussed whether to arrange for a service call for repair or consider purchasing a new one.  Decided that Alli will look into the price of a new fridge first.

B.      Open Shifts.  Currently, the only open shift is on Thursdays from 12:30-2.  Karen volunteered to help out when she is not working.

C.      SSN.

i.                    Stories are edited; Robin will make copies, illustrations done for every story.  Not many illustrations were submitted for the stories. Discussed assigning it as a class project and offering incentives to teachers with the most participants. Another idea was to have the story writing be part of the curriculum and students can do the illustrations as homework.

ii.                  Plus-delta.   Tami requested input at the meeting and through e-mail on what worked and what needed improvement.  Generally, heard very positive feedback. One negative was that it ran over because it started a little late.  Prepping and dispensing tickets held up the line to get in a bit. Discussed pre-tearing tickets 10-15 at a time.  Also, talked about putting glow in the dark duct tape in arrow shape to direct people back to the front when they exit after the show.  Lastly, agreed to increase compensation of performers to $800 from $600.

D.     Bricks.  Process now is to pay Worthen who will pay the brick installer directly. 

E.      Dr. Seuss Day.  Annie suggested a parade on the Friday before Dr. Seuss day in March

F.       Read and Feed doesn’t have enough readers for 1st grade.  Suggested getting teachers to request help with this from the parents.

3.      President

A.       PBE- made $14.  Danielle agreed to be chair next year and has ideas for improvement.  Discussed different times/locations for it to be held

B.      1000 library notecards have been delivered and should be used

4.      Fundraising

A.      Flyers for book fair came in and labels will be affixed. Approval from the principal received to be open a couple of mornings from 7:30-8. Discussed staffing for shifts which will vary on the day and time, but will probably need 2 or 3 cashiers, 2 at the trinket table and a door check at the minimum. Cindy will be trinket table coordinator.  Alison is taking care of the poster contest.

5.       Treasurer

A.      Updated budget available. 

B.      Include name and address on receipts to be reimbursed and put in Alli’s hanging file.

C.      Income line will be added for PBE

D.     Discussed pencil box profits and prizes

6.      Membership

A.      Currently has 109 members

B.      Discussed using labels for bookplates.  Have some left from Lonely Books.

C.      Shannon will distribute a memo to teachers with description of FOL services/programs to increase teacher memberships

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 am.

Next Meeting: Friday, December 14th@8:15 a.m.

October 2012

posted Oct 7, 2012, 6:38 PM by Tami Baker

October FOL Meeting Minutes


Present:  Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Alison McKechnie, Shannon Jaramillo, Paige Melendres, Emily Eckelman, Renee Reynolds, Alli Simpson, Robin Gates

Meeting called to order at 12:30

1.     Approval of September Minutes

The minutes were approved

2.     Librarian’s Report

A.    Some Wednesday and Thursday library shifts are still open.  Tami will place request in Gazette to fill shifts.

B.     Spooky Story Update:

i.Winners picked for stories.  Those students will help choose the winning illustrations for their story from an approved selection. 

ii. Chocolate and bottled water will be provided for performers.

C.     Seuss Horn Update.  Slow response so far for T-shirts to cover horn.  They will continue to be collected.

3.     President

A.    Danielle Adkins will chair the Parent Book Exchange.  She was sent previous Gazette submissions on the event to help her organize it.

B.     Display Case—students can fill out form to have their collections displayed.  Shannon is coordinating this.

C.     FOL notecards.  Recommended 1000 be purchased to use as library thank you notes.

4.     VP

Emily is checking to make sure the Gazette lists the correct dates for FOL meetings

5.     Fundraising

Theme of Book Fair is “All Stars”

A.    No chair found yet for trinket table

B.     Considered making/selling popcorn at evening event but decided against it

C.     Cheer/gymnastics/dance team can perform during the evening event.

D.    Flyers will be sent home with students

E.     Will look into getting Orbit to come on Tuesday 12/7 to sign autographs in the library

F.     Discussed having a poster contest that will then be used for decorations

G.    Discussed if Book Fair should be open before school at 7:30 or 7:45

6.     Treasurer

A.    Annie purchased books and supplies

B.     Current income is from Membership fees and book club prize money

C.     Adjustments made to trinket table and pencil box budget to more accurately reflect expenses

   7. Membership

            A. Last year’s FOL bricks are still in production.  Annie will follow up to determine status. Brick installer will need to fill out a W-9.

            B. 100 members so far this year, which is more than this time last year


Meeting adjourned at 1:20

Next Meeting:  Friday, 11/2 @ 8:15 in Library

September 2012

posted Sep 28, 2012, 4:37 PM by Tami Baker

September FOL Meeting Minutes


Present: Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Karen Gasparich, Shannon Jaramillo, Paige Melendres, Alison McKechnie, Alli Simpson, Emily Eckelman, Cindy Hall, Misty Witterholt

Meeting called to order at 8:30.

1.     Approval of August Minutes

The minutes were approved, with one change to Spooky Story Night made by Annie.  Motion to approve minutes made by Annie.  Seconded by Ali Simpson.  Unanimous vote to approve minutes.


2.     Librarian’s Report

A.    Jan Thomas author visit will be on 9/28/12.  It will just be for the Kindergarten classes.  Jan Thomas is coming at no charge.  Suggestion was made to have a reception in the teacher's lounge and Annie will look into this idea.

B.     Spooky Story Night has 5 volunteers.  Event will be held on Tuesday night, October 30th.

C.     Spooky Story Contest.  Stories are due on October 18.  Volunteer readers will pick their 2 favorites, and then winners will be decided on October 27.  The stories will remain anonymous when they are read.

D.    Illustration Contest.  Kids will illustrate one scene from the winning story.  Judges will decide the illustration winner.

E.     Number one story will be read by Von Bartletts (sp?).

F.     Bricks will be coming soon.

G.    Easy readers and some of the other special category books are being misshelved.  Experienced volunteers should assist new volunteers in learning where these special categories are shelved.

H.    The library is currently OK on library shift volunteers.  If more volunteers are needed, an announcement will be made in the Gazette.

I.       There were visitors to the library on curriculum night.  Certain kindergarten teachers recommended that parents visit the library as well.


3.     President

A.    There are still some FOL vacancies, including the Dr. Seuss event in March, the Parent Book Exchange on Spooky Story Night, the Summer Reading Swap, and the Pencil Box.  Alison McKechnie and Paige Melendres said they would take over the Pencil Box as part of fundraising and redo the display board.  Cindy Hale volunteered to oversee the Summer Reading Swap.

B.     FOL thank you notes.  Tami reported that we can get a box of 50 thank you notes for $35 from either VistaPrint or Paperdirect.  There was a discussion as to whether we should purchase more and larger thank you notes.  Tami is going to look into the cost of a bigger size and larger quantity.

C.     FOL Meeting schedule:  next meeting will be Wednesday 10/3 at 12:30pm.


4.     VP

Emily will include article in Gazette to announce FOL meeting schedule.


5.     Fundraising

Paige and Alison (and Tami) attended a Scholastic workshop on September 5 in preparation for the December Book Fair.  The theme of this December's Book Fair is All Stars.  Shirley Staehlin forwarded notes on how to run a book fair to both Alison and Paige.


6.     Treasurer

A.  New Budget was discussed.

B. There was an inquiry as to why the BOB had a budget of $1,000, and it was explained that this was to cover lunch for 200 students.  

C.  There will be gift certificates for BOB readers who read all 20 books.

D.  There was a discussion about whether the LOE budget of $250 would be sufficient, and it was determined that it would be.

E.  Discussion of the 3% bank charge.

F.  It was agreed that Ram Wear should continue to have no budgeted income.  So far income of $20 has been received.

G.  There was a motion to approve the revised budget by Alison McKechnie, and it was seconded by Karen Gasparich.  All voted in favor of approval. 


7.     Membership

A.  Karen and Shannon have received 89 FOL memberships.  They received $2,405 in total donations.  $175 was for Book Club Prizes and $2230 was for membership dues.

B.  Announcements for FOL memberships will be in the Gazette, with membership forms attached.


8.     New Business



Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 3 at 12:30pm.

August 2012

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August FOL Meeting Minutes



Present: Annie Huggins, Tami Baker, Karen Gasparich, Shannon Jaramillo, Paige Melendres, Alison McKechnie, Renee Reynolds, Emily Eckelman

Meeting called to order at 8:20

1.     Approval of July Minutes

The minutes were approved as written


2.     Librarian’s Report

A.    Annie is obtaining books for the Battle of the Books through various sources.  Will have 4-5 copies of each book.  FOL account being used.

B.     Suggested increasing compensation of Spooky Story performers to $200 per session for a total $600, up from $500 last year.

C.     She is working on replacing videos with DVD’s.  Will need a new DVD case, which will cost approximately $1000

D.    Library cards should be ready on Monday.  Library shift volunteer schedule ready and sent out

E.     Lots of work done to get the library ready to open.  Books have been added to the catalogue, book covers made and new place holder sticks ordered

3.     President

A.    FOL table will be set up at the Ice Cream Social, which will be held the Tuesday after Labor Day

B.     FOL Meeting schedule:  Friday 9/7 8:15; Wednesday 10/3 12:30; Friday 11/2 8:15; Wednesday 11/14 12:30 if necessary; Friday 12/14 8:15

C.     Curriculum night has not been scheduled yet.  Library could be open that night for visitors.  Might need 1 or 2 volunteers to help with questions.


4.     VP

Emily will work on the Round Up to include on the Membership forms to be sent home with students


5.     Fundraising

Paige and Alison might attend a Scholastic workshop in preparation for the Book Fairs


6.     Treasurer

Budget was reviewed and revised.  See attached.

 *Discussion was held of printing books for the Spooky Story winners.  There could be up to 24 1st, 2cnd and 3rd place winners of the stories and illustrations.  Discussed whether the books should be a gift or a purchase.  Different quotes will be obtained to determine cost

 * Discussion held of whether the FOL will continue to share reimbursement costs for background checks for GOK volunteers.  $12 cost this year.  The new principal will talk to other school principals to determine their policy on how frequently the background checks need to be done.


7.     Membership

Karen and Shannon will send out the membership forms in student’s folders next week.  A blurb on the FOL and membership drive will be sent to the Gazette


8.     New Business

Monica C. has reorganized how the Classics book club books are listed to group series together


Next Meeting: Friday, September 7th 8:15

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