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    The Goin family has been an important part of the Dahlgren  business community for over 100 years. It all began in 1895 when Korah Goin, a 17 year old farm boy, convinced his father, John W. Goin, that he should sell his small farm five miles south of Dahlgren, where they were barely surviving, and start a business in Dahlgren, a new village being developed on the L & N Railroad.
     In 1896, John W. Goin sold his farm and moved his family of five boys and one girl to Dahlgren. He and his two oldest sons opened a hardware, furniture and farm implement store at the corner of Third and Main. By 1907, just 10 years later, JJohn W. Goin owned and operated the Dahlgren State Bank, Korah was president of the Goin School of Salesmanship and Korah and Omer, his two oldest sons, owned the Dahlgren Lumber Yard. 
    At the age of 23, Charlie, John's third son, built and was now operating the three story Alligator Hotel. Jasper, Sr., John's fourth son now 18, had bought and was running the original store along with his brother-in-law, T. O. Rhodes. In 1911, Jasper, Sr., who was then 21, traveled to St. Louis and Convinced the Ford Motor Company to let him and his brother-in-law have the Ford Agency for Dahlgren. By 1915 the dealership in Dahlgren had done so well that the Ford Motor Company asked them to take the McLeansboro and Mt. Vernon Agencies as well. In order to concetrate on the fast growing automobile business, they chose to close the hardware store. 
    In 1921, Jasper and his brother -in-law divided the partnership with Jasper getting the Dahlgren and McLeansboro Agencies. Jasper put his youngest brother, Paul, in charge of the McLeansboro dealership and together they sold 300 new Fords that year -- more than ever before. In 1930, when Jasper, Sr., saw the great depression coming, he decided to close the dealerships rather than risk losing what he had accumulated. He then went into the real estate and nursery businesses, where much less capital would be at risk. 
    In 1954, after completing college, and a tour of duty in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict, Jasper, Jr., who was now 24, returned home to manage the Herman J. Aydt Chrysler-Plymouth Dealership that was about to close. In just two years, the Aydt Dealership became the largest volume Plymouth Dealership in Southern Illinois. By 1960, all three of the Mt. Vernon Plymouth Dealerships had gone out of business saying they couldn't compete with the Dahglren Dealer. Unable to find anyone to take the Plymouth Dealership in Mt. Vernon as long as one remained in Dahlgren, the Chrysler Corporation asked Aydts to move to Mt. Vernpn or give up the Agency. Rather than mve, Aydts agreed to give up the agency as long as Jasper, Jr. could operate a sub-dealership in Dahlgren, This he did until 1985, closing when Glen Richardson, a key employee, passed away. 
    In 1965, Jasper Jr., reopened the original store started by his grandfather in 1896 operating it as a Western Auto Store. In 1988, Jasper David, age 16, joined his father in the business. By 1996, 100 years after opening of the first store, Goin Sales Company is now the largest riding lawnmower dealer within 50 miles, the largest appliance dealer in Hamilton county and is remodeling to become the largest furniture store in Hamilton County. 

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