Of the Students, By the Students, For the Students

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    Many of yo
("College Graduation")
u reading this will be high school students preparing for college, just like we are. We know exactly what it's like to be worried about going to a good college, getting a quality education, and being able to pay for it. There are plenty of websites out in cyberspace that are designed to help students just like us survive the college experience, but we realized that there isn't a website where students can talk to other students, get their opinions and advice on the process and the experience. That's why we've created this site. This is a place where students just like us can interact with our peers all across the country and all across the nation. This is a place where we can still get conventional information about colleges, admissions, and financial aid, but along with that, where we can get the advice and wisdom of those who have already gone through the process, and survived it. This is a place "Of the Students, By the Students, For the Students."
    We want this picture to be your goal, what you will be working toward. We hope that this website will help you find the college that's right for you and will help you survive the application proccess, as well as paying for this education. If you find mistakes, don't be too hard on us, we're just three high school students who have never done anything like this before. Feel free to comment on our site using the "Your Thoughts" boxes found all around the site. We ask that you add helpful tips and constructive advice, and not use it for any bad purposes. And above all, we ask that you use this website as a tool to help better yourself and pursue a higher education. Enjoy our site.


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