Shut Down

As Google is closing Buzz, we are also shutting down!

So, no more Fb page, Twitter feed nor Feedburner feeds, already! 
And soon will follow the rest. 

Thank you all for your supports, fights, comments, rants or congrats. GoingBuzz was a short, intense and enlightening experience. 
Take care

Our Goal


If you're new to Buzz and haven't tried it yet, here is a brief introduction - What is Buzz? Why and how you can Go Buzz.

If you've signed into Gmail, stumbled over to the Buzz tab and are lost or wanting more information, check all the hints in the Gone Buzz, get more section.

If you're looking for more friends, Buzzers with similar interests or a way to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues, see how to build a great Buzz community.

Even if Buzz is not aimed at marketing, it is (as all social medias today) a really great resource for business. See how Buzz can be professional.

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