In May 2006, Mary Downie, a local energetic Hamilton resident, founded a voluntary community group Go! Highlands Inc. Go! Highlands’ vision is for a Strong, Vibrant and Caring Community, and their main objective is to support and strengthen the lives of children, families and the community of the Central Highlands.

As the inaugural group develops and membership grows we would like to share with you, on a monthly basis some exciting ideas, courageous directions along with, I am sure the realization of many of the aspirations of fellow Community Members – we are committed to talk and act only in a positive manner.

We would like to encourage your participation and we would like to hear your thoughts, great ideas, your dare to be different dreams, your sensational solutions to community sore points and what you would create with the Central Highlands if money was no object and it was yours?

Go! Highlands encourages you to - Go find a friend, nab a neighbour, engage a group, connect with your community and communicate passionately and positively.

Together we are creating a forum that enables us to grow the capacity of our community to be a strong, vibrant and caring community (just have a look at our Projects page!)

We currently meet once every three months on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (if at all possible) at various locations throughout the Central Highlands (mainly Hamilton but we have also had our monthly meeting at Ellendale, Ouse, Gretna, and Bothwell). You don't have to attend meetings to be a member of Go! Highlands or benefit from what we offer.

The Cost of membership is currently a nominal $10 a year. Please contact the Go! Highlands President for more information.

See the right column of the home page for details on the latest meeting or contact the President.