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Information here about the SC/MP board using a INS8060 (SCAMP II) chip.

Schematic of the circuit

Please note that the inverter should go on the flag pin and the Tx signal come directly in to senseB..See mods below

Top view of the blank board ...

Finished partly populated board ....

When running ... power consumption of above board (with only those components) is about 65mA.
With 8255 and 6850 should be slightly more...

Modification below ...

Cut tracks in 3 place as shown (from Tx and Rx points) and add 3 wires as shown...

Connect the USB to TTL converter as shown..

Here is binary image of NIBL+ fBASIC ...  NIBL is in 0000-0FFF  address range and fBasic is from D000-FFFF.
The pld code for the NvRam could be as follows:

PLD Code

Name            ScampII max board,fr nibl@2400 baoud and Fbasic;
Partno          0001;
Revision        Ver 1;
Date            24/10/17;
Designer        mc;
Company         mcoz;
Location        oz;
Assembly        manual;
Device          g22v10;

/** Inputs **/
pin [1..5] = [a2..a6] ;
pin [7..11] = [a7..a11] ;
pin 13 = a12;
pin 14 = a13;
pin 15 = a14;
pin 16 = a15;

/*nrds ... read output **/
pin 20 = nrds;

/** Outputs **/

pin 22 = !piaCS;
/**pin 21 = !acaCS;**/
pin 23 = !memCS;

/** Declarations and Intermediate Variable Definitions **/

field ioaddr= [a15..2];
/** acaCS_eqn    = ioaddr:[E000..E0FF]; **/ 
piaCS_eqn   = ioaddr:[A000..AFFF];

memCS_eqn    = ((ioaddr:[00XX..0FFF])& !nrds)#(ioaddr:[1000..9FFF])#((ioaddr:[D000..FFFF])& !nrds);

/** Logic Equations **/

piaCS = piaCS_eqn ;
/**acaCS  = acaCS_eqn; **/
memCS  = memCS_eqn;

Once the NvRAM and pld chip are programmed  everything should work ok (after the mods..)

Set serial port to the usb port, 7bits, no parity and no handshake .. if all well ..you should get a prompt  ">".. where you can play around with NIBL basic!

After this you can experiment with the rest ..

NS Kitbug

If you want to experiment with Kitbug from National Instruments here is zipped file containing kitbug binaries for different speeds of the CPU like 2Mhz or 4Mhz - Download Kibug Files

SC/MP Users manual - download

Subpages (3): 8255 PIA 82c55 fBASIC