This website is to look at designs of older microcomputers and provide information to micro enthusiast to be able to build some of these micro boards for their own use. It is aimed at people with reasonably good knowledge of electronics and digital/microprocessor theory.

There are still many older "original" microcomputer boards for sale (on EBay etc.) .. but tend to be rather expensive and in most cases those boards are either not functioning (due to age) .. or rather limited in their operation  ... or not being able actually to connect them to anything useful  (like current PC's or terminals).

So in my quest  ..  I am having a look at some of different varieties of microcomputers (like SC/MP, 6800's, 6502's,TMS9900's, Z80's,MC6809,2650,68000 etc.). I am sharing some of the design (like pcb's) .. so people can build their own. I do provide some components .. but this is not a commercial venture, so you might have to source other bits from different sources to complete any of the designs. Some are prototype and some are fully built SBC (single board computers).

If you find some of the info not quite correct or needs further explanation, please let me know and I will try to accommodate. Info on designs is on continual update so will change over time as I provide additional information.
Also if you know similar sites and designs, please let me know the links and glad to link to them if relevant to a particular design. And if you know source of software and documentation that can improve the design, let me know and I will try to reference it.

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